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Belfort-Silva Video


Don't think anyone has posted this before. The stoppage looks a little quick to me, but my background is boxing and not MMA. At any rate, this appears to be the one real blemish on Wanderlei's record (his other TKO was a doctor stoppage because of a cut and the only other losses are by decision, at least one controversial).

Obviously this was 8 years ago and Silva's a much more complete and confident fighter now. He hesistates for a moment -- which I'm not sure I've EVER seen him do -- and Belfort catches and stuns him and then does well to stay on him. Still, this looks like what in boxing we'd call a "flash knockdown."

Now obviously a flash knockdown is a much bigger deal in MMA since you don't have to step away as soon as your opponent goes to the ground, but Silva does seem to be defending himself and I think the jury's out on whether he's still able to fight back (which are the two criteria a boxing referee is supposed to use in determining whether to stop a fight).

What do you guys think?


Umm how was he defending at all?


Silva made the mistake of moving straight back instead of circling out. And damn, if Vitor wasn't lazy he'd be a machine.


That wasn't just a flash knockdown...he took quite a few good shots before going down, and he did not look like he was ready to defend himself at all. He was pretty much just laying there in a halfway-fetal position, even after the ref broke them up. It was a good call.


He got his ass kicked.


I don't know that I'd call it a blemish as he certainly learned from that experience and came back to be a thousand times stronger than Vitor did after the beating Couture gave him. Nobody expects a fighter to have a perfect record.

Then, you get to someone like Taktarov who brags that he never tapped even though he was brutally KOd and brutally beaten in most of his matches.

Even in his first couple Pride fights, Silva didn't exhibit the sheer brutality that we've seen since or was rumored to have in IVC (I've never seen those fights). I think nerves might have played a part.


You might be right, although from that angle and distance it's hard to tell how clean those shots are when he's on his way down. Punches that look devastating from a wide camera angle can sometimes look much less so close-up and in slow motion. Anyway, I realize a ref has to be much quicker to stop an MMA fight as it's a lot harder for a guy to work himself out of trouble, especially after a knockdown.

That said, one of the things I'm really liking about MMA (which I've only recently started following) is that it seems to be so much harder for a fighter or his handlers to manage his career in such a way that his first ten or fifteen fights are against tomato cans. This fight obviously took place before Silva (or Belfort for that matter) really came into his own as a fighter. If they fought again now, I doubt the result would be the same...


I thik this was Vitors best fight and represents the pinnacle of his career. After this match he kinda fell off the face of the earth. I know he beat coture but that was a ref stoppage like 10 sec in the fight by a fluke pinky finger cut.


Can anybody strike as fast as Vitor?