Being Strong In Any and Every Situation. What are Your Thoughts?


So I came up with this idea of being strong in every situation. Like, (this is a stupid idea, but bare with me), if someone challenges you to pick up an object, you could do it without a doubt. Could be anything from full jerry cans, to throwing an object somewhere. I don’t know what exactly, this is just a random thought. I’m wondering what things you think you would need to do in your training to achieve this. This is just a hypothetical, I’m not saying I would do this or anything. Just curious

I was thinking things like picking up stones and heavy sandbags. Like awkward objects and such.

I would train strongman.


If you only focus on lifting heavy objects and possibly throwing them then I’d train Deadlift and hip hinge movements. The toss would mostly be generated from the hips and I think an underhand toss would be most efficient… So lifting heavy objects would still be the focus.

If you want to expand the feats of strength to other activities such as jumping, climbing, running, etc then you’d have to address those as well.

I’m pretty much picturing The Caveman Games which was a game on the original Nintendo.

I think to be ready for anything you have to think in a primal manner. If I was alone in nature and had to fight man or beast to survive then what skills would I need?

Answer that and train accordingly.

I’d recommend residential tree cutting. You have to carry entire trees, piece by piece very quickly out of peoples yards. Climbing, running, jumping, and great strength all come very quickly when you need it or you get your head caved in.


fill sand bags, throw in truck, pull truck with rope. unload sandbags and carry back to start point. Push truck back to start point. rinse and repeat

Your desire is basically the sport of strongman. Its a bunch of men and women picking up weird and uncomfortable objects in various ways, then a judge rewarding points for whoever dominates the movements most.

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Strength based challenges = Strongman, Strength to be useful in day to day life (which sometimes requires more efficiency then strength) = go down to your local co-op or hardware store, wait for old guy with ripped up jeans plaid shirt and leather skin to walk in (generally his forearms will be bigger then his biceps), say sir Id like to volunteer to help you in whatever you are doing. Not only will you get in good shape youll learn skills as well, like how even a 5lb rock can seem like a max effort deadlift after you’ve picked hundreds of them from a field.

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A warning to the poor folks who have taken their valuable time to reply: OP has started multiple different threads in the last month professing different goals. Most recently he has started not one but two separate threads about the idea of combining strongman training with his current sport of powerlifting, which is a great idea but also not exactly novel. He also has a thread where he has discussed joining the Royal Marines and, despite being given advice in there by several ex-military about exactly how he should train, still feels the need to start yet another new thread asking the nonspecific “How do I get strong in lifting, like, anything?”

OP, stop wasting people’s time. If you aren’t going to listen to the advice you were given three days ago in the “Powerlifting + Strongman = Better Athlete” thread, why should anyone bother with you in this one?


Damn. I had the prefect one too.

Go be a laborer for a good brick layer. You have to bring him all his bricks and keep him in mortar so he doesn’t run out. Preferably on a 105 degree day.

I’ve bailed hay, done demo work on the inside of a house with sledges, moved people with many flights of stairs, I regularly cut, haul and split wood by hand… but that crud was the hardest labor ever.


I did that for a crew of 3 block layers. They all acknowledged that it was supposed to be a 1:1 ratio, then ran me ragged anyways.

Concrete labor was cool too. I see these guys hitting tires and think “Ah, looks kinda workie, but not quite the same”. (no offense intended to the hammer swing guys).


Swinging a hammer seems to only work after you finish working for the day. When I used to dig water line trenches and dig/ pack dirt for different posts I was the strongest, but most drained I have ever been. Nothing made my grip better than that shit.

Highland games.

Beer is better then strongman comps.

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