being sore.

Why is it that I feel sore 2days after I work out instead of immediatly after (like the next day). Im still sore from a workout i had two days ago. I want to go hit the gym today but im not too sure. My cousin says its no good to work out if your even a little sore. Is this true.? Thanks. Mike.

Do a search on DOMS over to your left. That should answer most of your ?'s. As far as working through the soreness, yes to a point you should, but it depends on your amount of soreness. If you can barely walk do to server pain probably not a good idea to work your legs. But if they are just uncomfortable then yes. A lot of the time working through it will actually help with the pain and sped the rate at which your body adjust to the stimulus.

Hope that helps.

You might be over doing your training sessions.

I have had this happen to me on occasion through out the years. Back off just a bit on the intensity and I bet your soreness will ease up as well!

DOMS-Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Look it up, its kinda crazy.

well, that’s called DOMS…Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. i don’t know enough about it to explain it, but that’s what it’s called. if i could just guess, i would think that the body supresses the sorness right after the stress in case you need to still use the muscles. but that’s just a retarded guess of mine.

but, you can work through soreness. i know chad waterbury has recommendations on this, if you can find it.

Thanks. I think Ill get all the info i need. Doms…Later Mike.

You will get sore faster as you get in better shape. There use to be a “rule” about having a full day of no soreness before working out again, but recent articles have said you can/should work through soreness. I’d only do that if you’re getting plenty of calories and supplementing well. If subcaloric, I wouldn’t recommend working a sore muscle group.