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Being Skinny at 17


Hi all, i'm a male, 1 month away from my 17th birthday. I am 5'9'' and only 127 lbs.(very ectomorphic). My question is, IF muscles grow bigger around my age, does lifting heavy and eating heavy speed up the process of muscle development


What? Lifting weights equals bigger muscles if you eat enough to gain weight. Glad you understand the basics.


I was you once. Now I'm about half way to where I'd like to be. Eat everything in sight and then eat some more. If you are ever hungry except at breakfast you are doing something wrong. Hell, if you are ever not full you are doing something wrong.


Mr. Twig, When I was your age I was training very hard in the gym. Yup, I was stronger/tougher than anybody my size (that I knew of anyway). However, I knew nothing about nutrition. So I couldn't put any size on (in 2 years of training, went from 153 to about 155 pounds).
Moral of the story... as everyone here says, eat eat eat!
This site has good info on the subject. Do some searching.



This was me too. I graduated high school at around 120-125lbs @5'11". Classic cross country/track distance runner build - relatively healthy but way too skinny for my tastes.

Got into weights my freshman year of college and immediately "blew up" to the 130's (I never saw the scale go that high with me on it). I was hooked even though the gains naturally plateaued.

I have been able to make steady gains year after year though by breaking two bad habits: eating TOO clean and eating TOO infrequently. Lifting heavy and eating big will do the trick if you give it some time.



Don't assume you're ectomorphic. I was 6'2 135 at 19 and I'm up to 195. Turns out I gain mass pretty quickly. Eat with focus, lift with focus.


I was a 5'10" 135lb junior. I lifted pretty hard and ate like crazy and jumped to 150 by the end of my senior year. The trick? Well there was no trick I guess, but I ate egg whites every morning, drank a buttload of protein shakes, took 3 sandwiches to school (2 of them peanut butter since it is pretty high calorie) ate a cheap steak every night (in addition to dinner) etc. You get the point.

I really don't know if you understand how serious we are when we say to "eat big" on this site. That's only half of the food I ate in a given day in high school. I took a shit every day at lunch and the turd was massive. Like 1.5ft long and huge around. Yeah, eat a fucking lot dude. BTW, now I'm plateaued around 175, but pushing through that... by eating. Oh and eat before bed too.



Just to chime in I was 5'8" 125 through my jr and sr year in HS and could anything and didnt gain anything. My first yr in college I was actually up to 130. But I really needed to gain some weight so I ate and ate. But I didnt eat right, junk, crap, and beer. Sure I got up to 155 during by Soph yr.

But by my Jr year I was gaining too much, I was over 165 and climbing and not lean. I was working out allot but not much cardio, and as I look back, still not eating right. Too much beer too. So like the others have said eat and eat, but read the articles here, theres tons of great info for hard gainers. But make sure you eat smart and you will make great gains.