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Being Sick SUCKS

iI’e been sick since saturday night, and am really starting to get pissed off. i havn’t been able to digest or hold down hardly anything and i went from eating 1.5 g/lb protein a day to maybe .25 g/lb at the most. everytime i try to consume some sort of protein or mrp it gets worse. today my catabolic diet has consisted of a piece of bread, gatorade, and some friggin crackers. my doctor thinks it is some sort of intestinal virus and said it should be gone pretty soon but damn, i think the worse part of it is mental (worrying about not getting enough protein and missing workouts). i have lost 5 pounds allready and am going insane. have any other t-men experienced anything similar to this and if so did you lose a lot of ground? will being on the AG diet (anorexic girl’s diet) for a few days make that much of a difference. any input is appreciated, thanks

Been there, done that. I only get sick once every couple of years and it sucks. Two new-year’s eves ago I had a great am workout, then went to work fine. By 2 pm I was practically on my death bed. I was sick for about 3-4 days, and what sucked is I had just gotten back into it (3 1/2 weeks in after a 2 month layoff) and was progressing immensely for such a short time. The good news, when I went back a week later I was back to original poundages by the end of the week. A couple notes: I was on every natural immune boosting supp. in the book, and I’m convinced this made a huge difference. Recommended: liquid acidophilus (tastes worse than flax oil but it’s a killer natural antibiotic), lots of glutamine and Vit. C, echinacea and standardized garlic. Another one that’s really good is a homeopathic remedy called Oscillococcinum. You should take this at the very first sign of symptoms. Keep your head up!

Well I got real sick about a year ago and I lost close to 20lbs. Being sick really does suck. But the good news is I regained half of it back real quick once I was able to start eating and drinking normally. I still am not as heavy as I was but I am stronger and leaner. I think a majority of the weight loss was from water and like I said after getting back to normal eating habits that weight was put back on. Actually the hard part was getting back in the gym after a 3 week layoff. Don’t worry about it and just try to take this time to let your body recover.

I’m right there with you, Nic. It sux big time. I’ve been sick since last Tuesday, this girl I slept w/ wasn’t feeling well. Well I got screwed big time in more ways than one b/c the next few days I got sick, then my wisdom teeth starting coming in and I got a mouth infection from the sickness and Wisdom teeth. For the last 5 days I’ve been unable to eat any solid food whatsoever, the pain is absolutely unbearable. Can barely open my mouth, gums ridiculously swollen and hurt, spot where teeth are coming through hurt, Cold sores, tongue swollen and little cuts all over it. Had to start Vikadin b/c the pain is so bad and been sleeping an avg. 3hrs a night. Cant even eat cottage cheese. I was also getting 1.5 g prot per lb bodyweight(330g a day) not getting only 120g from protein powder. Reduced to having pudding and juice, everything else is unbearable. I’ve lost a noticeable amount of size and was getting ready for a contest a few months away. Think I’m gonna have to wait for the next one. Hang in there, I feel for you. I cant wait to be able to chew again and work out.

Hang in there guy,
remember that a lot of the weight you lose will be water weight. Don’t be afraid to drink those carbs, (Gatorade, ect…) They help keep your electrolytes in balance. After a bout of sickness, it’s a great time to start a cycle, help with those mind games of you looking puny!