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being sick is ass

I had a flu 2 weeks ago and when I got better after 5 days in bed, I felt so fucking weak, I couldn’t even think about going to the gym…plus I lost about 10 lbs…
I think my max lifts were affected cuz last week I managed 90% on my deadlift and only 70% on my bench press.

I’m feeling alot better now but has this ever happened to anyone here b4?

Yeah, being sick really does suck. I got some resp. infection and was out of the gym for 2 weeks. My workout partner laughed at me because I lost 5 pounds and lost strength.
Karma kicked in though. The bastard caught mono and was out for 2 and a half weeks. He lost 10 pounds and lifts half of what I do. (I also started taking tribex 4 days before he went down)

if I take 2 or 3 weeks off from bench I lose about 25% of my max and then I am sore for a week and a half so when I bench again Im even further behind. Tip, do pushups if you cant get to the gym for a while to maintain what you have. Same for everything else

i just had the flu 2 weeks ago also. went for a run in the gym finally on friday and i swear all day saturday i felt like hell. ugh. i lost 8 lbs but hopefully some of that was due to my fatloss regimine before i got sick…

lifting a weight for the first time this week should be fun. bah