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Being Sick as an 'Ectomorph' Sucks


so sunday I developed a cough, sore throat , my kidneys hurt, and I would wake up with cold or hot sweats. usually clinching my body so my muscles would be sore. talk about crap. Now the part that bugs me most is I have lost almost 10 pounds in the last two days. and yes I know the scales are off on BF by like 4-5% ish. my scale says I have under 2% bf left. lmao so like 6% ish. so Ive lost 3 months of progress in two days. because I cant seem to eat. its just not fair some times lol

so any one else had this happen lately ? ( being sick I mean) or have any ideas on how to slow this down or get it back a little quicker?


Being sick as a "endomorph" sucks equally.

We all know the "mesomorphs" don't get sick, though.

I have a friend who's a "quasimorph" and actually can contract whatever disease he wants voluntarily. Crazy stuff.

But don't even get me started on "zombimorphs."


lmao thanks for the laugh.


you need to eat your way through a sickness if your an ecto ,you cant afford to be lying around for a few days wasting away ,usualy junk food is easier to eat when your sick for some reason


I hear ya man. When I first started out at 120 lbs I finally got up to 140 and then ate a bad oyster. I was on the pot for 4 days I lost atleast 10 lbs. Luckily I think most of it was water weight because the weight came back quickly after I started eating and lifting again. That was about 2 years ago. It sucks at the time but in the grand scheme of things that 10 lbs is a drop in the bucket.


It's probably water weight, just focus on getting better.


It's called not being a baby and eating anyway.

Go eat, pussy. BTW, I'm sick right now too. Still eatin', too.






kinda hard to eat when I cannot keep it down. but I just eat some soup and its staying down. maybe Im getting better.
and I dont have pussitis Its just a waist of food if my body doesnt digest it.so far as I can tell I only lost some fat. no big deal really I can get that back with avocados


Your 'gains' will be back as soon as you are rehydrated and active again. Unless you've been sick for months.


I wouldn't even worry about eating "clean" when sick. Hell, ice cream is easy to keep down and its a good source of calories.

Just my thoughts.


I just got over some food poisoning last week. Couldn't eat for 2 days. Sucked.

Don't sweat it, just try and get back in there as soon as you aren't contagious and start eating again as soon as you can.

+1000 on don't worry about eating clean, just try and eat something.


I got sick late last year for about 2 months, I couldn't eat for a month and a half, and I couldn't lift.

I ended up losing 40 pounds.

I lost a total of 55 pounds last year due to illness.


lol potent dieting! J/K yeah. ice cream is yum.


New years eve going into '06 the girl I was dating and I got food poisoning. It was truly the worst thing I've ever physically gone through. Rather be shot in the face then go through that again. Anyway, I lost 13lbs in 24 hours and had to be rushed to the ER. When I got out for 2 or 3 days all I could keep down was gatorade with protein powder. First solid food I ate was a double meat quarter pounder from McD's,'cause I figured I needed something "thick". Took me about a week and a half to get the weight back, and aound a month or so to get the strength back. God that sucked.


The weight I lose when I'm sick I make up with fluids. Drink something!


I dont doubt it.
still coughing, but Ive been eating now for almost 24hrs. gaining it back fast I guess. I thought it would take for ever. didnt seem to lose any Strength.
anyway. yeah food poisoning is horrible.


Yeah, forgot to mention that it hit us around midnight and we dual vomitted until 6 or 7 am when my mom had to come get us and take us to the ER. No shit, I'd guess we each yakked over 30 times that night. Towards the end we were yakking orangeish-yellow shit. It was awful.