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Being Safe With Deadlifts

Hey there, as some of you may have seen, im nearly 16. Im wondering how i should go about doing deadlifts? I dont want to “wear out” my spine, if i do deads with proper form and not maxing out all the time is this likely to happen? In my workouts i think repping 150-185 should be plenty to get a good workout.

Your thoughts?

Im 16 too and i work out with 315, i just ceiling it at 6 reps. Some days ill go to 355 for a set of 4 or 5, some other days ill keep it at 295. Just do what feels right, you arent going to “wear out” your spine if your doing them right.


Thanks for the quick response, but can anyone els back this up? I think i will just do them 1-2 times a week, we’ll see once i fully develop my schedule.

Doing deadlifts won’t wear out your spine unless your doing shit form too heavy deadlifts. If 155-185 is your repping weight then ya that’s fine. Good form and weight you can handle will just strengthen your back and hamstrings and hips. I personally like going higher reps on deadlifts than on most of my other lifts but I still increase my weight every week.

Today I did 7 sets of 7 at 175. I probably should have done a bit more weight I like to float between 42 and 45. Just wasn’t tired after my sixth :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not much, but I started a few months ago repping with 105 ._.

Alright, its not that i cant DL a decent amount of weight. I pulled 335 once yesterday to see my “max”. I have not been training DL’s almost at all. They seem to be my strong point along with squat. I just dont want to wear anything out, i have arthritis in my elbows (genetically) and thats not fun at age 16.