Being Reffered to an Endocrinologist

Hey guys, Im a 23 year old male, never done a cycle but planned to once I stopped growing, I have only just stopped getting taller.

I had been feeling tired, training was becoming a chore, I was losing size, strength and getting soft around the middle. My GP did some tests and found my testosterone to be very low, a test two weeks later showed even lower.


Test 5.1 nmol/L

Test free calculated 138 pmol/L

Bioavailable 3.2 nmol/L

Everything else was fine and my GP ruled out anything in the brain.

I will be seeing an endocrinologist in a couple weeks and was wondering if i could get some advice on how to deal with him. I would still like to use steroids in the future, though im not sure if this is somthing i should mention.


No, You should not mention it. Never mention it as you have the chance that your insurance will find out and you’ll be dropped.

I live in Canada, coverage is not an issue. I have a mental illness so my psych, GP and now my endocrinologist share information with my consent. The are all aware of my use of pot and past use of hallucinogenics and that doesn’t seem to have been a problem.