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Being Recommended to Take TRT at 28 y/o

Just a heads up 10 ml bottles go for $35-50 online. Resold probably $50-75. Dont ever pay $300. Its very easy to source online and have shipped domestically within days

I only had one test before getting my script. I was double digits and had all the symptoms. TRT turned my lifr around. Had that Dr not wrote that script him and I would have had a heated discussion prior to me being thrown out of the office

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How did you manage to be able to purchase yourself online? The only way I can get prescribed test is through continued care with these monthly charge service doctors.

Obviously illegal black market. We can’t talk about sources here

Lol nevermind

So I’m 2 weeks in with 200mg/week test Cypionate 100mg 2x/wk subq. I feel pretty good overall. I can get it up just about anytime again which is good and bad lol. I kind of want to have sex all the time.

I’m feeling pretty bloated and sitting about 10 pounds heavier than before. I also just was out of town for 10 days so I’m not sure how much that contributes to that’s. Today was my first time working out since traveling and the pump was unreal.

I don’t really like how heavy I’m sitting right now and I’m also concerned they told me not to take an AI. They said if I take it and don’t need it, it would tank my estrogen which would be bad. I’m also not taking any HCG which also concerns me. I was told if I were to stop I would basically just go back to how I was feeling before. It seems like my dose might be high from what I’ve read but I’m honestly just doing what I’m told. But I’d rather go back to being tired all the time and not caring too much about sex then Fucking myself up for life

maybe overtrained from lifting?

Im also against starting TRT every time when there is a testosterone problem without investigating the root cause and trying to fix it. TRT is not a light decision and all other options must be expended first.

Nope. Overtraining is a lot harder to do than people think,

hey colorado, we need a bigger picture to help you more.

for example:
6 to 9h hours of sleep. this 3 hours make a huge difference.It´s scientifically proved that 6 hours its not sufficient for healthy T lvls production . Ideal its 8:30 and 9 hours.
Is your room completely dark at night ?
Night shift job ?
Thyroid panel
Mineral lvls exam, what supplement you use ?
D vitamin lvls
Iodine intake ? what source?
Use of vegetal oils ? what kind of?

So over a year has passed. I stopped shortly after my last post. I had an episode where I felt my heart beating through my chest after a short run. (After research now and reviewing my labs I’d say my hematocrit was through the roof and I needed to give blood) I’m 30 now, I tried to eat cleaner find that I feel better on higher fat diets. Not keto just around 180p/200c/110f for ball park numbers. Currently 5’10” 180-185 bw depending on the day I’d say 13% bf (outline of abs but soft AF)

We bought a new house and a new bed. Sleep is much better probably 9 hrs on a good night avg is 8 worst case 6.5 which is maybe once per week.

I work out 5x/ week I do CrossFit and have tried everything. recent lifts have been 20 strict pull ups, 335x3 back squat, 275x2 front squat, 405x5 deadlift. Nothing too crazy I haven’t PRd in almost 3 years except the back squat was a 10# rep PR.

Nothing has changed in terms of always feeling lethargic (I’m completely useless without some caffeine) uninterested in sex (I just don’t care to do it) and uninterested in working out lately but still manage to get myself to the gym. I just had my biggest month in my business and stress is pretty low but anxiety is still high.

I decided to get my blood work done and see where I’m at and hop on TRT based on the results. I’ve been trying to do things naturally take zinc, vit D, magnesium, sleep, low vegetable oils, exercise. I’d say my fitness and my physique do not match each other any more where I used to be jacked I’m not just soft. Anyways, here’s my new bloods and I’ll be getting on the T train for good as I see it.

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Workout 5 days per week lifting plus crossfit? How many hours a day you working out. What’s the intensity? Possible you could be working out too much and overtraining.

Those numbers are pretty close to where mine were when I started TRT at age 59.

I workout for an hour a day. Before I started financial planning I was a personal trainer and managed a gym. I used to train for CF competitively about 5 years ago. I still train a handful of group classes a week for fun.

I wouldn’t say I’m overtraining by any means nowadays. But my life used to revolve around working out and recovery pretty hardcore. An example of a workout now might be build to a heavy 3 back squat or percentage work then a 15 minute workout of running power cleans and burpees. Then I might do some extra hypertrophy. Lately I haven’t had the energy for it. I even didn’t workout for a week and felt even worse.

I didn’t want to hop on right away to see if I could just work on it naturally. Mainly because there’s so much information out there and I had to process it mentally. I’ve accepted it and really don’t want to drift through a decade of my life feeling depressed, anxious, tired, and seeing no progress in the gym to then just do it anyway. The common theme seems to be I wish I had started years ago. So I’m gonna hop on and get dialed in

Very common.

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