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"Being Openly Conservative is Harder Than Being Gay", Is She Kidding?


You guys know me. This was just BEGGING to be brought to the “PWI” family for discussion.

A former Miss Michigan pageant winner; who was stripped of her title last week after several offensive tweets surfaced; has joined Trump’s reelection campaign efforts.

Team Trump welcomed Kathy Zhu on board Thursday, calling her a “patriot who has continued to stand for American values despite being stripped of her crown.”

No biggie…but then she says this;

"…Being openly conservative is extremely difficult…It’s harder, I think, than coming out as, honestly, gay…"

Now…before I give her my biggest “WTF”??? EVER…I will give her the benefit of the doubt that she is young (I think about 20), stupid and naive if she believes this.

Does she also know that there are plenty of Gay Conservatives (many organized groups, in fact)…and while I am sure that there are plenty who are Trumpublicans…I doubt that they would agree with her. And I am certain that all of those tried-and-true Conservatives who are still in the closet definitely would not agree with her.

Does she REALLY think that it is more difficult in this World to be Conservative than to be Gay?

If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be laughable…and no doubt that some of you agree with her.

That’s okay…

The floor is now open…


(Sorry, guys. Since she joined the “MAGA” Team…it again will be almost impossible to keep Trump out of the discussion…).

I also gauge her to be about…oh…5 minutes into her 15…

If she is not gay and experienced coming out I don’t see how she could make the comparison.
I don’t see where Trump has anything to do with this. Lots of us are conservative before Trump.


I don’t expect a whole lot of smart from a 20 year old beauty pageant contestant. Even if it’s there. Who knows? She could be at MIT on a full ride in a field I’m too dumb to even be aware of. BUT she’s still a 20 year old that makes duck lips and hash tags.


By becoming an official part of Trump’s re-election campaign, she is now sucked into the Vortex…

Would it not depend on location and/or age? I can not speak to middle America or the country as a whole but, being born and raised in LA and of a younger generation… If you are a conservative or republican, hold on.

I’d probably agree with that part. She clearly made a blanket statement though. And there are lots of areas of the country that are the exact opposite of LA

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The real problem is that is miss Michigan material.

She does have a point though as 90% of the men who work at Fox news must be gay but can’t say it. Tucker Carlson? Come on.

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(I’ve always thought that Hannity is one of those guys who likes to be tied up and beat by Black, Transvestite Hookers…)…

Location and age?

These certainly make a difference for a LOT of things…but in general.…I think that it is infinitely more difficult to come out gay than Conservative…(especially for teens…)

(I would be curious what Lindsey Graham thought…it’s been rumored for YEARS…)

Given the declining relations between China and America, a Chinese-American should think twice about supporting an anti-immigration platform.

Would she have been stripped of her title for posting pro-gay things or for being gay? I have no idea.

It may be cheesy (“World Peace”!)…but these organizations seem to support ideas and positions that are not divisive of people, but are more conciliatory.

There is a time and a place for partisanship and divisiveness…these contest seem to not one of them.

Then I can see why she said what she said. I’d assume her world is pretty centered around pageants.

In portland, a trump bumper sticker will result in a broken window. Coming out gay is a virtue.

And near where I’m from a school had massive issues because students wanted to start a diversity club. The idea was from a lesbian and a black heterosexual student. The very idea that they could even meet on the school grounds went up to board members.

All depends on where you’re from now I guess. My friend who works there said a lot of the kids started wearing straight pride shirts right after the club was discussed. The club was to be inclusive to all. The school with a handful of minorities and gays.

Considering the massive amount of Republicans in the nation I would say on the whole it’s still much easier. We are talking about a group that just had control of all three chambers.

Moral of the story: Everyone’s a victim.

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Why do you fellows in the West always like the least attractive Asian ones? Lucy Liu? Constance Wu? Awkwafina?! Kelly Marie Tran?!!

The silly bow ties he used to wear were a dead giveaway.

Why? If they are American, why should they be concerned with more immigration from China? Generally curious what that means. My wife is Vietnamese. I don’t think her family is concerned with more immigration from there, now that there is no war.

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I don’t think Hannity exists from the waist down. I’d expect his leaked nudes to resemble a flabby Ken doll.