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Being Older Ain't So Bad

Hello all, 49, male, metal disc replacement L4-5, 3 Rt shoulder surgeries, both elbow surgeries, 1 stent in coronary artery and battle AS with Enbrel. Jesus, did miss anything…?? Have been looking around this site for some months now and what a wealth of information! Quick back history, all those surgeries took place between 2009 and 2015 except 1 of the shoulders,1985. The stent was a turning point, cardiac rehab convinced me to get my ads up and do something if I wanted to be here much longer for my wife and daughter, pretty much saved my life. November will be 3 years since the stent, March 2015 the gym. I figured I’ve got a new lease, don’t screw it up.
Started at a local gym getting back to weight training and some cardio with the goal to big and solid. Not a huge concern on cut, butflat gut and a good clean thickness.
So today I’ve gathered my nuts to post some of my results (I’ve kept a written log since day 1 of the gym March 25, 2015).

Bench Press 205x7x1, 225x6x1, 260x5x2
Decline Bench 225x6x1, 225x6x2
V-bar Pushdown 99x10x1, 137x6x2, 143x4x1
Rope Pushdowns 55x10x1, 60x8x3
Hex Bar Shrugs 238x10x1, 288x10x1, 308x8x2
Dumbell Shoulder Press (seated) 40x8x1, 50x8x3
Seated Rows 214x8x4
Leg Press 548x8x1, 632x8x3

Have other lifts, however just putting up some. During the past couple of years since I started, some surgery recoveries, and almost cut me damn fingers off (aaahhh there is a reason for finger guards on a router table) and a stay or 2 in the hospital due to infections. Immune system is suppressed for the AS. Was cleaning up my diet as I’ve gotten results and overall health is up and feeling great, no sugar, trap food, etc. Dr did put me on TRT, 189 and then 640+ now. Was making gains but shit i was riref ALL tbe time plus other fun shit that goes with low T. Anyway, this site and the I formation from members and articles have helped get back into shape. Due to the AS and shoulder, I do have to compromise some lifts with others I can do. So a big thanks to all for the info and mods of this site, awesome.

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AS = ankylosing spondylitis?

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Glad you’re posting! The site definitely does rock!

The “new lease” resonates with me and others on this forum. I’ve managed to glean some great, useful training tips here. Especially Coach Christian Thibideau articles are very sensible and doable for guys our age.
It’s the long haul that counts as you realized with the cardiac issue. And what exactly is “AS?” My first guess is atherosclerosis but please explain?

What I find the most of here is discipline and dedication. We can’t make changes over night after all.

For me, getting my sad ass to the car to go anywhere was a bit challenging just 3 years (and 150lbs of bodyfat) ago. Now I’m at the gym working hard six days a week. But I attribute a lot of that to inspirational cases on t-nation. If other guys can do it, then by God…ya know?

Post away, ask questions, and you’ll get great advice. Whether or not you actually take it and reap the benefits is up to you.

God Bless,

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That’s correct EyeDentist, SI joints completely fused and is attempting to do the same in lower back and neck. Just got to keep moving. S_AFSOC, Roger on the body fat, got lazy, felt crappy ect, had my pity party years ago, all good now. However, when I started this after the stent, I weighed around 265 lbs, went up to 289, and have been 278-282 for a year. But my chest, arms and legs have really grown and my gut, well I can get into pants I couldn’t years ago. The TRT has helped with the energy level a ton. All, finding out getting old isn’t bad, just not for the faint of heart!

Roger that, not alot of folks heard of it,Hell not a ton of info either.

I’m an ophthalmologist. As you know, AS is a systemic inflammatory condition, and one of the organs that can become profoundly inflamed in it is the eye. If you don’t mind my asking, I’d be curious to hear if your AS has ever affected your eyes.

Yeah, especially with respect to cause. AS seems to be related to a certain innate (ie, hereditary) orientation of the immune system (AS is sometimes categorized as an HLA-B27 dz, which is a reference to this immune-system orientation), but why some (but by no means all) people who are HLA-B27+ develop AS (or one of several related conditions) remains unknown. We definitely have a long way to go before we can claim to understand this mysterious, potentially crippling dz.

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I’ve had uveitis twice. First time I was in a major flare up, joints ect, then pain in my eyes one morning was so intense and my vision started to blur, wife drove me to my rheumatologist. She sent me to the eye doctor who I remember have me drops and I believe it was him who also gave a 2 week steroid pack. Few years later it started again, remembering how it felt and went straight to the eye doc who squared me away. Do you see this often in your office??
On a side note, when I started this transfomation a couple years ago I started researching traing with AS. Can be done, just had to listen to my body. I still have flares, pain and all the goodness that goes with it, but feel better knowing I’m kicking it’s ass.

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[quote=“60gunner, post:7, topic:231945”]

We see a lot of uveitis, and if the clinical presentation is consistent with AS (the eye manifestations are fairly classic), we will run lab and imaging tests to rule it out. As it is fairly uncommon, it is not often the case that a given uveitis pt turns out to have it. So I’ve seen it a few times, but not many.

Interestingly, diagnosing a uveitis case as resulting from AS doesn’t affect the way we treat the uveitis per se; rather, it alerts us to the the fact that the pt needs to be referred to Rheumatology for systemic treatment of their systemic condition. In other words, it is often the case that the pt has not ‘connected’ the pain/stiffness in their lower back to the pain in their eye; by doing so, we are able to get them to the docs who can start them on meds (like Enbrel) that can prevent the crippling sequelae of the condition.

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Good looking out for your patients doc. I’m in a rural area and medical care in some areas lack possibly due to income or funding. I drive 3 hours one way for care, bigger city and teaching hospitals. Didn’t get my first case in my eye until about 8 years after being diagnosed with AS.
Very fortunate to have the rheumatologist I have. The Enbrel is pretty good, I’ve been on it now for about 5 years. Pin myself twice a week that way it splits the does and keeps me from swelling up and feeling clue like at the end of the week. Weight traing and cardio have been great as well, keeps everything lubed up, motion is lotion.

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Sorry if I’m supposed to start another “thread?” to ask more questions. New at forums ect.
So I’m try to lean up now have bulked for awhile and really want to shed the rest of my gut, the good ol’ visceral fat. I’ve been reading, reading and more reading on these forums following links ect and well, shit… Trying to figure out how to feed as far as how much protien, complex carbs and good fats.
Currently 272lbs, 5’ 11" 49yr old…will have to do a tape on myself to get a “ball park” body fat number. Chest 55", arm cold 17 3/4". (Can’t remember what else, at the hair salon with my wife. I’m making sure the couch doesn’t go anywhere).
I’m shooting for 255-260lbs, 12-15% BF. I’m getting there, was 289lbs.
But I’m stuck. Need some guidance please on # of grams of all three as a starting point and I can go from there.
Also, been lifting heavy and repping 5-8 (max) for 3-4 sets on lifts. Will it hurt to lower weight and do higher reps for awhile? Kind of stuck right now. Thanks all…


Check this:

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Nice post. I’m 49 too, jumped back into the gym on a powerlifting program for 3.5 years now, and due largely to my 4x/week training, I feel like I have a second lease on life. My story isn’t as dramatic as yours in terms of health issues but I feel like I’ve turned things around.

I was pre-diabetic and had horrible lipid profile and in a horrible marriage. 30% + body fat and just plain tired.

Now, almost 4 years later, at 5’9" I’m at 210 lbs, 16% body fat, solid bloodwork, squat 500 lbs, bench 285, and deadlift 550. Got divorced, have an amazing girlfriend, my business is going well. On TRT since 2011.

What’s that NOS commercial? “Life’s short, bring a rocket launcher!!”

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Right on knobby22, shit I didn’t want to end up just existing man. Like so many on here we can roll over and feel sorry for ourselves or say fuck it, I got this! I’m going to due due the army tape test this morning and see where I’m at. I know in the mid upper 20’s on BF %. If I can get down to 255-260lbs, i “think” I’ll be close and then start reassessing my lifting program. Going to take the advice s_afsoc posted above. Going on vacation and take about a week off. Eat clean(100g cabs a day) light cardio, maybe hit up a gym and hopefully see some changes. Man I gotta stay on my game, I have a 14 yr old daughter and need to stay fit to boot those boys in the ass if needed.
500 squat, damn bro. I’ve tried to squat but with my pelvis fused it’s difficult and painful. To “compensate” I use the leg press sled.
TRT has been awesome, how’s it worked for you?

Thanks s_afsoc, going to start that today, just the info I needed Man! Thanks again…

Hey no problem bro!

Let us know how that goes please. I’ve not done it per se but it makes damn good sense.

I read[quote=“knobby22, post:12, topic:231945”]
I feel like I have a second lease on life.
Yeh I think a lot of guys are age who train feel that way…I sure as hell do.

I got kids in their 20’s, but a grandkid in the oven and I neeed to be on top of my game for it and my wife,

Best of luck fellas!

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Will do brother

Hey Gunner,

Enjoy the vacation and downtime. As for being stuck in the lifting progression, maybe you would want to look at a progressive overload system. I’ve used 531 for a few years and there’s a lot of success stories with it.

Diet will be you have to find what works for you, but limiting carbs as per the 100 gram article is an excellent start.