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Being Defeated By Your Own Body


Hey, hope you are balancing things ok. I pushed myself too hard and have been humbled. I’m done being sarcastic or rude to people. My own body defeated me! I’m allergic to shellfish and some of my food must have come in contact with…and out of desperation I took a Benadryl. I had a seizure like episode (aborted heart attack) and was taken immediately to the medical center. My qtc went up and I haven’t worked out in a week and go back to cardio later in week. I’ll probably only be able to lift and do light cardio for the rest of my life . Pretty hard pill to swallow. So, don’t worry I value how others are treated more. My cardiologist treated me far worse than I have ever treated anyone. But laying in a hospital bed wondering if you are going to have to have a pacemaker/defibrillator combo put into conversation again makes you think about how you treat others. They wouldn’t let me eat in case I had to have surgery. I got my iOS devices to entertain me cuz free WiFi but now that I’m home, i realize I have to take my life down a few notches. Life and peoples feelings really do matter. From now on, I’m going to appreciate people more. Just wanted to apologize to you for my rude comments to others. The world has enough bitches in it, I’d rather be a more compassionate person.


Nobody ever thought you’re a bitch. I wish you a good recovery. But I must tell you that even though you must feel miserable don’t succomb to despair. It could be worse and I am sure it is not as horrible as you think it is. Doctor are cautious. People here with heart issues and terrible diseases are rocking. I myself had surgeries on both knees and wrist and doctor told me I should never squat, never do weightlifting, that I was broken etc… then after years I got a 2.5 bw squat and dl and I intend to do more

Keep hope!


I’m had a similar experience. I had bleeding stools and though that it would just pass and I was stupid enough not to go see a doctor… it lasted 4 months and I lost so much blood that I didn’t have enough red blood cells to send oxygen to the heart and had a heart attack.

The doc even said that I would never lift again LOL… that I should look into marathons or something like that. I know how you feel. And yeah, it changed me… a bit. But I was able to get back to my best shape ever after that and I’m having more success in my life now than ever.

It sucks right now but you will get through this. I think you have a lot to share and can really help people out. Just gotta work on your presentation :wink:


Oh I know saying sorry is never enough. It’s what your actions are. I really have a huge heart, but this mouth…thanks for sharing, I guess that’s why today is called the present. Honestly, my cardio said he knows I’m a survivor but to see me so weak and vulnerable was taxing on him because it’s part of his profession to be objective. I feel more hope thank you.


Thanks. Oh, I’m a fighter, I’ll do whatever the drs say. I was so scared it really shook me up. With my illness if I ever take a sip of a decongestant I could die. Etc. Life isn’t a game, it’s about living a good quality of life. I will do whatever that takes! I don’t want to think I ever hurt someone was my last post in this life.


Life isn’t about what happens to you but rather how you respond to what happens. And there is no such thing as too much kindness as it could all end tomorrow. I nearly died 3 times. Totally changed my priorities.

Just focus on new goals and appreciate that you are still living.

Have a look at people like Kurt Fearnley for inspiration.


Remember the nicely broken knee, I got last fall and my surgeon was happy with walking as the end result.
I am still working on rehab, some days I feel really down especially days when the limp is back.
But I can jog for 30 seconds, and starting to squat again with proper ROM.
Rest, and go slow but go.
We may have some limitation but it is not the end. I am so not ready for knitting and still hope to be able to sit on my horses some time.

Set small goals and take it one day at the time.


Thanks pretty lady :hugs:


and let a few person spoil you a bit in the process too.


Yeah one day at a time. I just hate stumbling blocks!


My hubby vacuumed and mopped the whole house last night…can get used to this :rofl: