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Being Cold Often Near End of a Diet


I’ve been dieting since late October, have dropped from 195 to 178 pretty steadily at 6 foot 2. Diet is 5 days of 2200 cal with 200 G protein a day and carbs usually between 175-250 and fats between 40-70. 1 low carb day at 2000 calories and usually 50 carb 220 pro rest fats. 1 high day 2400 cals 375 carb 190 pro rest fat. Those are pretty close estimates since I don’t have my food log with me right this minute.

Have been having steady weight loss, only about 5-7 pounds left to go but I’ve noticed I’m pretty cold really often now. I live in the Midwest so obviously it’s cold but still I’m much colder than usual.

Anyone else experience this and find anything to do about it? I’m wondering if I should bump my calories up to 2600 for a few days and make them high carb days to see if it’s metabolism or something, though I’d appreciate some input.


I’ve heard about this but haven’t experienced it yet. You must be peeled to the bone at your height and 178 lbs though.


haven’t seen you post for a while, mate. Nice to see you back


It,s called low body fat. Get used to wearing sweatshirts.


I was absolutely freezing going into my first contest. My wife and two training partners accompanied me out of state so I got us all a single hotel room to share. The next morning, they all quickly popped across the street to grab a bite for breakfast while i stayed in the room eating what I had brought with me. As they later shared with me, one of my buddies asked if anyone else was sweating their ass off during the night because the heat was in so high in the room. My wife replied that i had been shivering and shaking all night because I was freezing.

Good times :slight_smile:



@Yogi1 thanks for the kind words! I’m usually lurking around I just don’t have much to say, most people can answer questions better than I can so I’m content just reading.

Thanks for the replies guys, good to know it’s fairly common when you get pretty lean, though I’ll freely admit I’m not quite shredded to the bone just happily lean. Definitely not close to where Stu or Rob or Brick got for their contests.


You’ve lost your layer of insulating blubber. Haven’t you watched animal planet before?



I was so cold from the air conditioning in my office towards the end of my prep that I wore a hood and hat. I’d have to rinse my hands with warm water after AM cardio outdoors. I would freeze my ass off in supermarkets.


I do know that I get really cold when I’ve done any sort of fasting. That’s because it reduces your core body temperature. I would assume the same thing would happen for caloric restriction.

Do you feel cold in your fingers and/or toes? (less blood circulation to the extremities)


I feel cold pretty much everywhere, most noticeable is fingers/toes obviously. But I’ll always be wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants almost anywhere now and I’ll often wake up in the middle of the night freezing despite my heat being higher than usual.


I thought the standard was bulking in the winter and cutting in the summer which would avoid this problem.


I recall walking on my treadmill at 4:30 am before going to work, in April, and wearing gloves because my hands were absolutely freezing… But man does that trophy look great when the light catches it just right :slight_smile: