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Being an Assertive Heel Would Benefit Fedor...


I was just thinking, part of the reason Fedor is successful is that he is a relaxed calculating fellow. But in this business where a fool like Kimbo can have some videos circulate virally of him smashing some nobodies and be the world's toughest man in the mind of the average idiot... Fedor's reticent nature isn't benefiting him, perhaps maybe he should have some loud mouth akin to Dana White speak for him.

Fedor could basically threaten Lesnar, or when the timing was right before, Couture, in such a way, that puts the image of the UFC and Dana White in a questionable light even in front of its strongest fan base. Like "Look you fake fuck, you are obviously afraid of me, that's why you want to play games with the contract, so if you're a real man, I put your honor on the line, fight me, or let me fight your champion, but either way I'm getting a piece. Because if you don't everyone you know you're a little bytch."

I mean that sounds pretty school boy-ish, but honestly he needs to call the UFC, WWE style and generate some fervor.


he’s fedor. he doesn’t need to do anything.


I’m glad that Fedor is quiet and talks with his fists. Lesnar looked like an ass when he was talking like that. I’m also beyond thrilled that the UFC isn’t full of a bunch of loud mouthed fight promoters.


I just want Fedor to say “I will break you”.

that and a blow job from marissa miller & I can die happy


I think Fedor is a devout Christian and he wouldn’t do stuff like that. It mentioned his personality and beliefs on the" Baddest Man on the Planet" special.


[quote]borrek wrote:
Lesnar looked like an ass when he was talking like that. [/quote]

I thought so too initially and it’s still pretty embarassing for him, but seeing everyone’s reactions afterwards, I then found it hilarious. There’s only so much honour and dignity in two men beating on each other, the rest is an illusion conjured up by TMA and fight promoters trying to get the sport legalised.

In reference to the original post, I also don’t think Brock or Dana are scared of Fedor… Brock strikes me as one of those people who are psycho enough to relish the challenge of fighting someone like Fedor, and Dana would love the payday.


I thought devout Christians crusaded to the middle east and whooped ass and other such “heelish” behavior.


Fedor comes across as a person who at a spiritual level is well centered, that is why he is so tough. The thing with people who are well centered like that is they don’t feel the need to go around running their mouth trying to pump themselves up. Humility can be a sign of a true badass.


That would be very much out of character for him. Pretty much everyone in the world wanted Fedor to go to the UFC as soon as Lesnar beat Mir at 100. But Fedor thinks things through, very methodical, and he didn’t jump ship to UFC without thinking it through first. He has a lot of respect for his opponents and everyone in general.


Part of the Fedor “myth” is his laid back, calm demeanor. He loses that he’ll lose a good part what he is.


[quote]Xen Nova wrote:
I just want Fedor to say “I will break you”.

that and a blow job from marissa miller & I can die happy[/quote]

I see what you did there… and who wouldnt.


fedor, unlike lesnar, based on the way they both act in public, is a true martial artist.

he is humble, respectful and as previously mentioned, does his talking with his actions.

i would lose a lot of the respect i have for fedor if he began acting like lesnar.

he has nothing to prove to anyone and does not “need” to call out or fight anyone in the UFC.


I don’t like the cliche of “humble” being a prerequisite of a true martial artist.
It speaks for his character.

Mars was usually depicted as a bloodthirsty, unscrupulous, often cowardly god. A true embodiment of war.