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Being a T-Husband

OK, let’s try this again! I’m looking for an article about being a real T-Man/Husband.

My wife figures T-mag is (as 'Cake put it) a bunch of knuckle draggers. Give me something I can show her that confirms that we take care of our wives needs, (even if it means sitting through a Hugh Grant movie with her).

And let’s not post anything that’ll get modded. Thanks T-crew.


you wont find an article like that here, because we piss on hugh grant movies!

I resent being called a knuckle dragger! I’ve been called a homewrecker but that’s different ;).
Tell her about all the T-vixens here…we may have days we shake our heads at the T-men but we love 'em.
Of course if she’s not into fitness herself it may be hard to make the connection. Does she have any internet/magazine groups she frequents? Its the same thing. Birds of a feather flock together.
And I would point out there are several T-men that I’ve read on these boards who are happily attached. Ron Harris is very public about his lovely wife for one; Solojobber and Solosgirl whom I’ve met in person are delightful and very cozy with each other.

Read the book “Wild at Heart.”

Elveneyes, thats what I’m talking about, the cozy stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I trash Hugh Grant movies too, but sometimes you gotta make the lil’ lady happy. After all, she sits through Jackie Chan movies with me 'cuz she knows I like 'em, even though she doesn’t.(The older subtitled ones.)

If we’re real T-men we take care of those we care about, emotionally, physically, whatever needs to be done, regardless the cost. Amen?

We need our stuff, they (women) need theirs. Sometimes there’s an overlap though. It happens in a relationship. The give and take stuff.

Tell me if I’m off my nut(s).

If I’m right, let me know.


Let’s see. I cook over half of the time. I do my own, and sometimes her laundry except wool sweaters…I’m banned from those. I do things she wants to do and she goes on hunting trips with me. She’s not the kind of girl that shops much so I don’t have to endure hours in overheated stores.

I’ve seen a chick flick or two but you know she has girlfriends to go see those with. Hugh Grant is funny in interviews and he’d be great to have a beer with but I wouldn’t see his movies even if they were on DVD.

I’ve been known to take bubble baths with her, including candles. I shave her legs probably more than she does and sometimes I shave other things as well. I buy her flowers once every time the moon is blue twice in a month but when I walk around the house and see some roses that don’t have too many aphids on them I cut a few for her. Getting laid is a manly thing, getting laid more is an art, especially after 21 years of marriage. To kill an elk with a bow you have to wear funny looking camo stuff but it’s what it takes. I just figure the romance stuff is part of a different kind of hunt.

If other guys don’t think it’s manly…well, I ain’t trying to fuck them so they can go to hell…:slight_smile:

SteelyEyes = T-Man

'Cake approved now Steely.

“Every man I meet is in some way my superior”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

You betcha ‘Cake, Steelyeyes is now
“The Man”
Thats what I’m talkin’ bout’!


brider - you hit the money there!
“Wild…” is a great book Eva just got it for me I second and third that one.

Yeah Brider, I checked it out on amazon. Looks very good. I’ll read it fer sher!



That’s a good book. Who says being a Christian husband is boring and T-less?

Has an actual picture of TC on it so watch out.

Most of TC’s articles seem to have a little positive or moral message at the end of his Atomic Dog column, so if you can get her to actually read a few she might start to get the joke and the reality.