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Being A Bodybuilder and A Cop


I was wondering from any of you guys that are police officers. Basically im really into working out and it has become a huge addiction for the past 3 years. So strong that I get depressed, and angry if I have bad workouts. I want to be as big as possible, and see my self working out for the rest of my life. Ive heard that the hours can be long, taxing and stressful. As everyone knows getting big you need to sleep good to progress. With all the shift work, and long nights you have to work, can you still get enough sleep in, to be a successful recreational bodybuilder as well as a good cop?


You're this much of a fan of bodybuilding but don't know one of the Mr. Olympias was a cop?

I doubt most here are more dedicated than that.


Unpossible to be bb and cop.


Isn't this where you're supposed to insert "PMPM Cop Photo"?


what other jobs cant you have if you are a bodybuilder?

can you be a baker?


she's a fucking ego lifting pler......she never feels burns

Obly burn she's ever felt was putting a joint in her mouth the wrong way while high


Ridiculous. No bodybuilder would be caught making pastries. Hell, they don't even eat pizza.





No bodybuilder would work a job that required that much hand work. They need to save strength for bicepz.


Ronnie was also a genetic freak, pumped up with a ton of drugs, probably got "special treatment" once the force knew he was a top level bodybuilder, and the guy has mentioned he can sleep 4-6hrs and feel 100%.


Be like this guy - he's a cop


Derek Poundstone is a cop and he is greatness incarnate


o dam.



I hate ham.


Shit, and I'm outta popcorn.


Your original post made you sound like you were teetering on the edge of being imbalanced, but then you made this excuse riddled bitchified post and I realized you're too much of a whiner and an excuse maker to be either a cop or a bodybuilder.


Hello children, this thread is brought to you by the letter


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Hear that McBaloney, if you stick your mind to it you can be whatever you want !


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I now very much like where this thread is going/