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Behind The Vines 8/19/01


Ok, T-freques, I'm keeping this short because some of you tend to dull out and not post when I write my glorified manifestos. So the Monkeyboy turns 21 in less than a month. Whoo ha. Nothing should change too drastically other than my being able to get into bars where I can pay $6 a beer. Fuck bars. And yet I know I'll wind up in a couple. I've been kinda pissed lately due to complete lack of action. Being optomistic, I've used this to fuel workouts and just tend to grunt a lot more. So if any T-vixens in the NYC area are into guys with primate tattoos and a penchat for writing poetry about iron don't hesistate to contact me...I'll just be up in this tree crying my little monkey eyes out. But fuck that. Yes, fuckit I say, thusly. I cna deal, I can cope. Fuck, no...wait yeah, okay, no, I'm good...almost. God I can't wait to beat myself up later. I'm leaving.

"MB: kicking ass...his own. Since 1980."



E-Man...Timbo won't leave ya hangin', bro:-) Wassup! I just turned the big Two-One less than a month ago...the drinking game isn't really my sport and I've yet to take advantage of the age. I did go to a bar the other night--for the first time--just to meet up with some ol' bros while I was home...but the really didn't even think about drinking. I've got no probs with drinking, people who drink or bars in general, just ain't my game, baby. Anyway, T-bro, keep it real, get ready to kick some ass and just do whatcha gotta do to get the most outta life! Now let's get some Vixens up in this biotch!