Behind The Vines 7/07/01

T-freques. T-peeps. I beseech you. Lend me thine eyes so thou can readest mine post or some crap. “Who Missed Me?!?!” That’s my “gimmick” when I climb aboard the camp bus every afternoon following a long, exhausting, and kickass quality fun day hearding my little “*Vultures” around camp (*My little brood’s name is the Very Very Vultures). The campers look to me as their leader and I , in turn, teach them the wonders of repeating such phrases as “Bugalooga loo Bugalooga loo, I’m ovuh hea now!” over and over again. Children need to be cultured, and what better way than the writings of DICE?
The day is like a six hour long circuit training session complete with swimming and my hanging from the monkey bars and doing chins every chance I get. I’m known to srip to the waist and run around for no other reason than having no reason at all (except for the fact that I’ve been training hard so I could be happy when I took my shirt off for no reason at all). But I, as usual, digress.

I’m training three days a week, still cutting and ripping, though I shall be switching my routine to Charles Staley’s Convergent Phase Training as suggested my one of my tightest T-bros, Timbo. Damnit, now I’m becoming the T-version of Dr. Seuss. Training three days per week when I’m so active keeps me from burning out and overtraining, so it’s working quite well.
In other news, my girlfriend gets back from Disney World (she had to go, I can’t explain it, I can’t understand it, I’m not even going to attempt it) on Sunday. People who will not be able to walk straight by Monday: Her. That is all.
I got my life-line resistance cable yesterday and I plan on devoting much of tomorrow seeing how badly (meaning good) I can destroy myself with it. Maybe I’ll even bring Coney Island Bill into the mix, “Menage a T”.
This whole functional training thing has got me pumped. I’ve got to start incorporating some of this stuff into my routines. That to me is the true kickass portion of training: infinite variety. Change it up, feel a new pump, feel a new pain, try a new move, see a new vein. I’m going to the beach now. You kids be good (meaning bad).

“MB Eric: Asking where his T-freques at since 1314”


People leave YOU alone with their children?? Reeks of the Boys from Brazil/Fight Club. LOL. I agree a big part of the fun of training is trying all the different exercises/theories out, at the moment I’ll have to live to 105 to cover all the ones I have planned.

E-man, this is your number one T-Freque, Timbo! You leave me speechless, bro…you are the Grandiose of Grandiosity. It’s great to have a brutha man like you around to clown, E. Glad to hear that you’re having fun with chitlens, the woman’s coming back and you’re having FUN with your workouts and life in general…and yes, it is a wonderful thing to shed the shirt and exhibit what hard work and determination can produce…I feel the same way as I study on campus in a sleeveless or wife-beater getting a little more bronzed each day:-) Like you, I’ve been having a hella good time in the gym lately, and I think that’s the key…JB really made a point of it in his article the other week and I’ve made it a priority to achieve that. While you need to stick with something to give it a chance and see what works, ya gotta stay fresh, stay stoked! Wow, this has turned into a Behind the Vines sub-volume, pretty sweet! E-Man, I appreciate your comments and outlook on training, nutrition and current state of affairs, but dammit, I hate when you disappear for extended periods! I’ll keep dropping things on ya, like A-Bombs, baby! Try this one out for your entire abdominal region (call ‘em what ya will): I’m partial to Russian Twists, but like we said, variety is a spicy lil’ booger, so these are a standing version that’ll rip up your obliques, tear and pump up your biceps and work your grip (functional training???)…grab plate (25 or 35er to get a feel) and hold it tight out in front of ya, tighten up the midsection and twist from side to side, making sure you feel an awesome stretch in your obliques; they should torch your pipes and forearms too:-) Enjoy, your brutha in blood, sweat, tears, fears, pumps and soreness…Timbo