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Behind The Vines 10/14/01 M3 Update

T-freuques, it’s been a while, taste tha flavor, of the Monkeyboy style. I got the heads noddin’, got the girls screamin’ wild, if mah lyrics was concrete, I’d have highway for miles. Monkey Mass Madness is going according to plan (insert evil laughter here). I’ve put on about 6-7 lean pounds in the first two weeks of my Androsol/Nandrosol combo (I alternate them on upper and lower body) YOu can feel the difference between the two. Andersol is somewhat akin to feeling like a pen of psychotic bulls are let loose in your system, Nandro is more of a slow bear gathering speed downhill towards it’s prey. I’m doing 5x5 and it definitely packs mass when you do it correctly (slow on the eccentric, kiddies). I plan on switching over to GVT in two weeks along with Methoxy and Tribex. I’ve been eatin’, oh lord how I’ve been ‘a eatin’. Whoo dawg how I been eatin’…Other than having too much to do as far as school right now, I’m pretty gosh darn fucking happy. Although I am still in search of a vixen. Where do they hide? What do they eat? Are they tagged, released, what? Those of you in NY had better come see my Sociodrama production at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in November. You get to see me, live on stage, I mean c’mon ya’ll…Lean body: tastes good, mixes horribly (too thin). New addiction: my Kettlebell, Chuck. I can’t put him down. Pavel is the mac daddy of hurt. I’m going elsewhere. Lata.

"MB Eric: Swingin' round Chuck like he don't give a fuck since 1444."


Hey MB eric, when is your event? That might increase the percentage of people in attendance. :slight_smile: