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Behind the Neck Press Carryover


Hi coach,

I read one of your recent articles and decided to give behind-the-neck presses a whirl, as I've been having lots of pain with the standard ohp (diagnosed type 3 w/e). Lo and behold, I could do bnp pain free!

Now my question is could I completely replace the ohp with bnp for all training instances, yet still have a solid carryover to standard ohp or variations during competitions? (looking to compete in something next year like xfit; would like to do strongman someday but still way too weak).



I use standard shoulder press as a main exercise in CTs Layer Template and BTN Press as an assistance exercise on a stand-alone “shoulder hypertrophy/ yoke” day. The reason is that I find it easier to grind out heavy reps on Shoulder Press, but BTN is better in the 8-15 rep range with good form for hypertrophy.


Thanks for the reply man. That’s sort of what I’m doing now, ohp as my main lift and bnp for my assistance work. Working ok right now so maybe I’ll just keep it as is.