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Behind the Back Press


Behind the back press is really growing into one of my favorite movements, so thanks!

Few questions:

  • You've mentioned that you think its best to perform these in a mid to high rep range. Would you still ever advise doing them as your first movement for an upper body day? I was thinking of doing them before I bench.

The routine would start with a bunch of pullups or rows, most to warm the joint, then move to 4*6-8 double progression method for the behind the back press. Then I would move to bench for 5*3-5 for double progression.

  • Do you have any videos showing great form on behind the back press?

While Ive had shoulder injuries in the past, my shoulder now feel very solid doing behind the back press. Like I believe you mentioned with another lifter (?) they were actually a very valuable tool in my rehab. That said, its a lift I believe you have to respect and Id like to hone in my form even more. I also feel like some days I get the release point/groove perfect and the weights move easily and others it doesnt, which I think is a form issue.



I know this doesn’t specifically answer your question, but I wanted to throw it in given the exercise and the forum. CT has often used “extended sets” in his programs, like my favorite the Layer System.
The best shoulder exercise I’ve ever done is an extended set where I do one set behind the neck, wait 20 seconds and do one of regular shoulder press (in front). Really gives me a pump…