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Behind the Back Bar Shrugs


i am currently doing snatch grip shrugs and liking them but watched a neversate video with Brian saying he does behind the back bar shrugs. does anyone do them or notice any benefit over front shrugs? any neck problems?


I like them in rotation with in front of the body, snatch grip and trap bar shrugs. I wouldn’t stress it too much, however, and go with the ones that feel best for yourself


thanks for your input - do you know if behind the back puts any stress on the neck?


If you start light and listen to your body you shouldn’t have too much of an issue.

Deadlifts build all the traps I ever need though and the added benefit of building almost everything else. If you do have them in the program I wouldn’t worry too much about obscure shrugging motions.


This has not been my experience at all. I’ve read that DL builds traps in narrower people mostly. That said, I’ve never found shrugs build my traps much at all either. What I feel in my traps are heavy DB rows, BB rows and rear delt flyes.


Before I really got into deadlifting (tragic I know) I did all sorts of shrugs like every other skinny dude. I would feel them and get a good burn but no growth really at all. Enter deadlifts and suddenly I never needed to do shrugs, although with deads I also do DB rows and Pendlay Rows so they probably play a part as well.


thanks again, i have noticed that DB upright rows are building my traps and am going to try Y raises as well


i have tried behind the back shrugs and noticed that they always hit my butt when i do them, so i find them very uncomfortable