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Beheading Vids (Warning: Graphic)



This link has already been posted on http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/this_was_a_bit_harsh?id=3250463&pageNo=0 , but I think it's interesting enough for a second look.

Can I have a to go with that please?


wtf...fyi its clips of people beheading others

whats with the sick shit?


Yeah, man, what's with all the grisly stuff up in Get A Life all of a sudden?


I can handle the stuff you posted John...but I don't need to see murder.


What about maggots in a live person's nose? I stumbled across that on LiveLeak...I get itchy and nauseated thinking about it.


Speaking of c murder...




WTF is wrong with u?
I just mindlessly clicked the link to see some cut off heads and videos of beheadings... can't you just fucking tell whats on that website... I HATE YOU!!! If you're into that sick shit watch it and leave normal ppl alone with this sick shit!!! I HATE YOU!!!


x2 this made my morning.


Not sure if this is the original topic heading (at the moment it's Beheading Vids: Warning Graphic).

I'm assuming that it's not...due to the reactions. I always make it a point whenever there's some sort of ambiguous link not to immediately click on it but wait for reactions from others before I decide to click on it. Thanks to a certain female member's reaction to the infamous "glassass" thread I declined to click on that one and it apparently saved my soul for another day.

Honestly, I know this site is liberally "mod"ed or what have you, but show some fucking taste people. There's only one reason to post a link to someone being beheaded and it's only because you want the shock value reactions (congrats you succeeded).

Can we take a rest from the sick shit and just post pictures or gifs of jiggly butts? That'd be great...


Here, I'll even try to save some integrity...


X2... 100%.


If you look in the url section of your browser, it shows the original topic title. I'm surprised the mods left this up...nobody needs to see this shit.


You lucky bastard...

Wait, thinking about it, I believe you were the one who brought it up, which in turn led me to google it...

Oh man was that gross...


The GAL forum should be for boobies and funnies. We've met our quota for the week of nasty shit.


That was really tough to watch. Im really taken aback.

He sounded like T-1000 in terminator, truly horrifying.


kinda the point :slight_smile:


I posted a link a year ago about a man getting beheaded in iraq.... i got flamed for it even though I put (graphic content) In retro, it was a nasty thing to do.


I saw the videos, was only a little grossed out. Mostly really angry and a little sad. Fuck that shit. Thanks for the booty polo.


obvious troll is obvious