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Behavioral Issues with Supplements?


The only reason I’m asking is cause someone believes supplements are causing me to lose my temper just want some extra input on it cause I haven’t found anything supporting their statements. Thanks guys and girls


Which ones?


We talking supplements or Soviet Sports Supplements nomsayin? You Tren hard?


BCAAs powder and creatinine hci


Very high leucine (bcaa) intake can cause psychotic episodes. I read about it 4-5 years ago. I’ll look for something on it but I think it was a dose of about 20 grams of leucine.


No nutritional supplement I know of, taken at a normal dose, would cause behavioural problems.

Excluding mega dosings, contamination, or hormone supplements, then no, your issues are just you bro.


^I agree. Maybe try an anger management class. In my experience, guys with uncontrollable tempers tend to wind up in the criminal justice system.