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Behaving admirably

When the delivery man comes, I never ask him to figure out how much change he owes me.

If a newbie slips off the treadmill or gets trapped under a bar, I don’t laugh.

I never blatantly ogle a hottie with a smoking body. I’ll of course take a look, but it’s a quick one.

I rerack my weights.

When parents walk their small children in my neighborhood, I turn down my music if there is profanity or, uh, sexual speak.

As George Constanza once said, “I can sense the least bit of human suffering.” As you can see from the above examples, I try to make people comfortable.

List the ways that you, in a dangerously hardcore sort of way, behave admirably in society. Serious responses would be nice, but I obviously expect, and certainly hope, that some of you jesters will supply some amusing responses. Cheers.

Good for you. What do you want? a cookie?

:slight_smile: Groove

I hold the door open for ladies, children, and the elderly.

I always return the money when someone has given me back too much change.

When I see a “lost dog” sign on a utility pole, I’ll keep an eye out for it.

I, too, rerack my weights.

I volunteer in my community.

I coach little league baseball.

I help out in both of my daughters’ Girl Scout troops.

Although I do stare at the firm, tight, hardass in spandex on the stair stepper for countless minutes at a time, when she does happen to glance my way, I politely look another direction, so as not to cause her embarrassment.

If the need to pass gas in public arises, I try in earnest to cover up the sound with a hearty cough, and then walk away (only as an honest attempt to have the scent follow me, thus alleviating the bystanders the discomfort of having to smell the offending odor).

If someone is picking their nose in the car next to me at the stoplight, I’ve learned to not stare and laugh at them. Instead, I just point them out to my kids, and let them point and laugh at them.

I know, I know, pretty admirable…

I have recently taken to wearing Pants when strangers come to my front door.

…Hey, I’m doin’ what I can to make the world a better place.

“Waiting for the fish to bite or waiting for wind to fly a kite. Or waiting around for Friday night or waiting perhaps for their Uncle Jake or a pot to boil or a better break or a string of pearls or a pair of pants or a wig with curls or another chance. Everyone is just waiting”

~ Dr. Seuss

In seriousness…

I make it a point to hold the door for the person infront/behind me

I take personal satisfaction in being the “nice guy” who lets another car into my lane during rush hour…of course when I don’t get “the wave of thanks” I do start to rant (just a bit…)

I smile openly and honestly to every overworked, tired and stressed clerk when out shopping (being a large, mean looking bald man, this throws many of them) but it makes my day to let them know that not EVERY customer they deal with are pricks

I never turn down a request to help a friend/acquaintance move (I HATE moving!)

I do, however refuse to hold conversations with naked men in the change-room (I ain’t all sunshine and lolipops…)

Of course Costanza also said…

"I wish there were pig men. You get a few of these pig men walking around I’m looking a whole lot better. Then if somebody wants to fix me up at least they could say, “Hey he’s no pig-man!”

~ G.Costanza

I always warn a girl before I come in her mouth.


And they say chivalry’s dead!

Cupcake, you amde my day.

Just by your name, and the phrase (Being a rather large, bald, mean looking man)
and your name being cupcake. That’s better then “tiny”

Well i warn rm i’m about to come in there mouth, but then i pull out and spray em in the eyes’s.

BFA, you devil, you.

Well one thing I can think of is going to school in Canada and being an American I’m constantly ridiculed and made fun of for being American. And whenever theres Canadians in our country theres bound to be some making-fun-of. So unless its appropriate and everybody can have a good, hearty laugh about it I tell the other Americans “hey, we don’t like being treated like this when we go into Canada, so therefore, we shouldn’t treat them like shit.”

I honor people’s requests when they say “don’t tell anybody.”

If a friend of mine comes to me with problems such as family problems, I don’t laugh or crack jokes because my family is about as disfunctional as they come.

If somebody has a hard time benching 50 lbs. I try not to laugh at them, at least not outloud.

If any canucks started makin fun of me it would take all the mount-me’s in canada to drag me away.

Thats what I thought when I first went there. However, I have to keep in mind expulsion so I just have to take it.

I ALWAYS am decent to the waitress or waiter.

I ALWAYS say “Good morning.” to the support staff and say something pleasant, instead of just barging in and asking for something.

Holding doors is a big deal.

I’m in Tech Support; being patient with people, and assuring the computer-phobic when a problem wasn’t their fault, makes a world of difference to someone who is SURE that you think they’re stupid.

ALWAYS rack my weights. AND (this has become a running gag at the gym), I’ll spend time between sets reorganizing the DBs so they are on the right racks. (Talk about overboard!)

“being a large, mean looking bald man”

Don’t let Cupcake pull a fast one on you- in reality, she’s a gorgeous 5 foot 2 petite blond. She’ll stop at nothing to keep the t-men at bay :wink:

There have been some pretty good responses so far (especially Zev’s :slight_smile: ) which demonstrate “behaving admirably”. I think it shows that to behave admirably, you have to actively seek out ways to help others, not just be kind or polite when confronted with a situation where you HAVE to make a choice.

So many people think that if you aren’t aware that you’re being an ass, it’s okay, or if you aren’t aware of ways in which you can help others, that you don’t have to. While you obviously cannot seek out all ways to help others, I think it should be a continual process of trying to benefit other people instead of purposely turning a blind eye towards the rest of the world while believing that you’re a humanitarian.

It’s funny, but being raised as a Christian, I saw this so much in Christian society. I’m not condemning Christians as a whole; I’m just saying that I noticed it there more. It’s like while driving, I always watch out for cars with the little Jesus fish emblems, as I’m used to those cars being driven by drivers who are either too cautious or too oblivious to others.

Which leads me to another point about behaving admirably, or a subset of it - helping out others. It’s funny when people try SO hard to help you in some way, yet don’t realize that they aren’t doing you any good, even hurting you, because they aren’t actually taking your needs into consideration, but only their “need” to help others. Helping somebody should be about actually benefiting them, not fulfilling your “do good” need.

Welcom to Club B&M. Population me.

"Don’t let Cupcake pull a fast one on you- in reality, she’s a gorgeous 5 foot 2 petite blond. She’ll stop at nothing to keep the t-men at bay :wink: "

Your comments do nothing but impair my ability to continue my (used to be) perfect cover. I will now take my highly offended 5 foot 2 Blonde money maker and go sulk in the corner…

“I may be a dumb blonde, but I’m not that blonde”

~ Patricia Neal

I mind my own fucking business.