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Beginnings of home gym

I was thinking of just getting a bench, but now I’m considered a power rack. I was looking at the one at Elitefts, but it’s $720 with $195 shipping. Pretty big investment. Is it worth the money or can I find one for less somewhere else? Anyone know any other good sites?


www.bigfitness.com has a squat rack rated for 1500 lbs. $300 with $50 shipping. Their bench is another $150.

I use a bench and a squat rack at home (would like to buy a powerrack in the future) I bought my set (bench, squat rack, lat tower) for 218 euro ex. shipping (I went to get it myself).

If price is important to you, start with a good bench, buy the rack later. You could improvise with supports for a barbell.

You might try newyorkbarbells.com. They have some good prices and have an open faced power rack on sale for 169.99, I have never ordered from them tho…

Well I looked at that site and oddly enough they are located about 25 mins from me and I pass them everyday on the way to the gym. I’m going to head down there tomarrow, if it seems like good quality I’m going to get the rack, and maybe a reverse hyper, prices seem pretty reasonable. And without insane shipping I can afford more. Good call.

I checked the place out. Pretty nice. I’m picking up a power rack, bench and 300lb oly weight set tomarrow. Grand total should come in around $600 with tax. Good quality stuff too.

Cool! Hope it works out for ya…

try ironmind they have a nice squat rack you can use as a rack for benching too for like 300 bucks with shipping and handling (think it may be like 320, not sure) was about to order that with my tax refund but then some hottie asked me to prom so there goes my squat rack… sniffle