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Well, like many others, I’ve finally built up the motivation and the know-how to start building some muscle mass and losing some extra fat. I’ve read over many of the articles on the site and enjoyed them all and acquired a lot of knowledge from 'em.

I now know the importance of keeping a daily intake log of every meal which I’ve put into effect and have reviewed many diets and exercise schemes as well. Naturally I chose the T-Dawg Diet and I’m leaning towards the German Body Comp routine.

It's just that I've never really had a thorough/consistant exercise routine per se. I'm 17, male, 6' and 170lbs. I'm just looking to cut the fat and retain what muscle I have and possibly build it up some too (I just wanna see muscle toning/definition - abs, pecs, thighs, etc - somethin I can take my shirt off with and be proud of ;). I'm just not quite certain how I ascertain what weight I should start off with, how many reps to do, etc. Just a little help in clarification in *how* to get started with one's own routine would be cool. Thanks.