Beginning Weightlifter


I’ve recently taken upon the challenge of trying to teach myself the olympic lifts and have enjoyed it so much I’ve chosen to make it my basic training. Sadly enough I haven’t got the money to join a weightlifting club partly cause there aren’t any close and are very expensive. So I’m going to have to do it the hard way, but not impossible if I can believe most posts I’ve read.

So I’ve got a couple of questions:

  1. When cleaning when im supposed to be dropping under the bar and dipping into a squat, instead of doing that I spread my legs at the moment I make sure I just squat down every time after it and slowly I’m getting a bit lower. Would this be fixed with practice? Any advice?

  2. Weightliftings shoes expensive but are they really as good as they’re made up to be? Worth the money?

  3. Any tips advice, great mobility exercises and/or articles you think I should know of I’d be very gratefull!

Thanks in advance!

First of all, where are you located??

I’ll let better people than me explain technique, but yes, practice will generally fix the feet getting wide. Also, focus on full cleans (pulling into the bottom every time). Finally, you can do tall cleans to work the pull-under.

If you are going to focus on Oly lifting, you MUST get some weightlifting shoes. VS Athletics have reasonably priced shoes you can get, and they get pretty good reviews.

I’m located in Holland and the closest weightlifting gym is 40-50mins by public transport that’d be alright if the transport was cheap which it isn’t and the gym is very expensive sadly enough.

I am focusing on going to the bottom every time just have to squat it down mostly instead of catching it there.

Thanks for the tip but as I live in Holland shipping is huge. But im gonna make it a priority to find me some shoes!