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Beginning Week Three - Skin Improving?

Not the most ground breaking thread, but I thought i would send out an update as there has been a lot of constructive feedback here.

I have been keeping a “journal” … not so mych a diary but just tracking metrics everyday as to how i feel, how my libido is, how my sleep is going, my optimism … those type things.

Today I noticed that my “coloring” looked better. I usually feel that i am pale and ghostly looking in the winter and dont keep a healthy color about me during the winter. In summer as I am outdoors more my skin seems to look healthier as it gets more sun, more color, etc

Anyone else experience this? I haven’t seen a lot of people talk about their skin or improvemnts on TRT

TRT will increase oil production in your skin.
This is why so many have an increase in ache when they tak too much.

If you really enjoy a year round tan look into Melanotan 2 if you don’t mind sticking yourself with yet another needle. I love this stuff and the side effects are lower appitite and morning boners that could drive nails I shit you not.

I read that this was banned in the US, meaning that it can’t even be prescribed? Not sure how valid that is.

Something about it causing all kinds of skin cancer issues…but then again…You can read 100 articles about how TRT can cause prostate cancer as well (debunked)… Hard to know what to believe anymore…

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Sorry if i misspoke. good to know but i wasnt looking for something to give me a tan per se, but i was surprised that I had a bit more color this morning. I looked a bit more flushed in the face but i wasn’t red … if that makes sense

I have heard of that peptide though when i was looking at Ipamorlin. Why do you think that peptide give you MW? Does it generate better sleep or a GH pulse at night?

@bmbrady77 The two different places I buy from are both in the US and a script is not required.
They say the real sun and taning beds will give you cancer. I’ve used both for 50+ years and have not experienced any yet. I believe some people are just born with weak genes prone to cancers.

@finkle_is_einhorn no you did not misspoke I just though you were after a better tone to your skin. The only people whiter than me have red beards and live on the island next to England.
I run a tan year round can’t stand to look pastie white. If you have notices an improvement to your skin from the TRT it oil returning to your skin.

@hrdlvn cool man. appreciate the info

so do you use this stuff? how tan does it make you?

Kind of off topic - i am wanting better sleep but i would take better skin too - all of my research has lead me to HGH and how low doses make you sleep better and as a side your skin and hair look 15 years younger… that would be a great side

Here is a pict from the site I buy from you be the judge.
I have no idea if the link will stay.
I get this lvl of tan in about 2 week of daily injections. To help you find a good place google melanotan2usa

syn HGH shuts your natural GH down. IMO that is really bad. Instead you need to look into boosting your natural GH and you do that with IGF-1. Have you ever tested your IGF-1 level in a blood test? You should. If it is under 200 you can buy Sermorelin and Ipamorelin both peptides that boost IGF-1.

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i was looking into anamorelin

IPA and CJC (no dac) did nothing for me, which was disappointing

Only a blood test will tell you if a peptide has worked. I raised my IGF-1 from 99 to 150 in 3 months. My goal is 200 I am at the max dose so I just have to wait and see if it will go higher.

I think mine is 200? Ill have to check.