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Beginning TRT, Not Sure About an AI

On week 2 of TRT intramuscular 100mg per week. Doctor prescribed an AI once per week, but I’ve heard so much negativity around this. I go back in 5 weeks for blood work. Should I take it as prescribed or wait until the labs?

My estradiol before starting TRT was 25pg/ml.


I’d wait, why take it if you don’t need it? I’d wager that most guys on 100mg/week wouldn’t need it.

I don’t think it’s as bad as many describe, though I’m’ve never crashed my estrogen.

Imaging paying for a drug you don’t need that negatively affects your lipids even if you have no other symptoms. That’s bad enough let alone the symptoms that accompany low E2.

My estrogen is in the 60’s and have no symptoms I can blame on estrogen, not a single one. So it seems your doctor is treating a number without the patient complaining of symptoms.

The negativity around AI’s is they are prescribed inappropriately and are typically dosed too aggressively and the patient is the one to pay for it with weeks or months of misery.

A 1mg dose is too high, even .5 is enough to crash estrogen into the single digits and sometimes leads to undetectable estrogen levels. The pill form of anastrozole is useless to most men as it is too much and difficult to cut up into smaller pieces.

Just out of curiosity what is the prescribed dosage of anastrozole?

1mg anastrozole once per week

That’s way too much for your TRT dose. AI should only ever be used as needed, if at all.

Im on 220mg/wk with no AI. Ive gotten leaner, and dick is Viagra hard when Im not cycling Cialis. At 100mg you will shutdown and in little over a week and you wont have anymore endogenous Test. Although it may be very little you produced your numbers wont settle for another 3 months. So pay attention to how you feel. Lets say you were producing 500TT and with 100mg you shut down those 500TT and you are now introducing 500TT, whats the point? And on top of that you crash tour Estrogen! Why? So take your 100mg and nothing else. Then test in 11 weeks, and see where you are compared to your preTRT labs. If you have good TT but still feel like shit, be sure to check Free T and SHBG. But for now, take Test only.