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Beginning Training


Hi guys, I've been browsing these forums and looking at the site for a little while now and have finally make the step to post.

I'm just getting in to the gym and have set my sights on getting bigger etc.
Currently I'm 19, 6ft 1, and weigh around 161 pounds.
I started hitting the gym around a month a go now, but have always been physically active. I generally go around 5 times a week and have been set a programme by the guy who runs the gym, but I never feel the 'burn' so to speak after doing a session. The instructor used to be a bodybuilder, and is ex-para so should know his stuff but I honestly don't know whether what I'm being told is right.

As well as this, I have always struggled putting weight on no matter what I eat.
Because of this I'm a bit lost on what I should be doing with myself etc. A little help would be much appreciated as I'm in need of some guidance. Thanks.


Read the threads at the top of the beginners forum, that are "stickied." They contain information and links to other articles that will give you the majority of what you need to get started. It will take some time to figure it out, but then you will actually possess the knowledge, as opposed to doing what someone else tells you to do without understanding why.


^^^ yes.

also: keep a food log. what people think they are getting in and what they are actually getting in can be quite different. once you get an accurate record of what you are getting in you will be in a better position to see how to alter it so you grow.

welcome to the boards.