Beginning to Workout

Im beginning to workout, i havent been to a gym in years and need a little advice/help. I know not to just work on the “mirror” muscles, and my basic goal is to build a little bit of muscles and tone up equally.

What are some good workout plans to start off? What are some workout plans to build a little muscle and tone? Any other advice would be helpful. Thanks!

just how much muscle are you looking to build? 10, 20 pounds? less?

the goal of ‘toning up’ can be accomplisehd without a gym membership. do pushups and situps a few times a week, jog on the other days. cut out any junk food, clean up your diet in general. that will ‘tone you up’. hell, playing basketball a few times a week would probably tone you up pretty good.

dont waste your time or money on a gym membership unless you plan an something of an intensive regiment. deadlifts, squats, benchpresses, dozens of machines, tons of free weights and power racks arent for people looking to ‘tone up’ they are for people looking to build a lot of mass.

if you’re looking for a real muscle building routine, there are dozens already on this site that would be a good starting point.

Getting a gym membership to put on muscle and strip away fat is a good idea. You will find many lifting routines and diet suggestions in the beginner stickies at the top of the beginner forum. I especially recommend reading through Vroom’s “Are You A Beginner II” thread.

Then you’ll have a solid base to ask better questions from.