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Beginning to Hate Chest


I am new poster (long time lurker)on here. A few stats:
5’11", 168 pounds, 10% bf, been working out for 3years. Started as a “skinny fat”(140pounds) and extremely weak.

Last year I was progressing very well, and bulked up to 185, and was pushing 85 pound dumbells on flat and incline bench. I changed to a high volume cutting routine over summer, and now that I am back in the winter I can not get my strength back in my chest. I did chest today and struggled with 115pound flat bar bench and 45 pound dumbell incline.

Most of the “pain” and fatigue ends up in my shoulders and traps instead of my chest. I know my back and shoulders are strong (I can overhead press what I am benching right now) along with my arms. It feels like my shoulers are moving the weight to make up for my weak chest. I especially feel it in my left shoulder…

My chest routine goes:
Bar bell bench 5by5
Incline dumbell 3by5
Cable cross overs 3by8
Dips 3by10

Tips? Thanks!

You should strentghen your lower traps, external rotators, front delts, rhomboids and lats by doing more horizontal pronated rows, w.grip rack pulls, face pulls on incline or with cable with external rotatation etc.

This is largely stablisation problem, therefore your chest cannot fire properly. And you should probably static stretch fascia sorrounding chest. Stick with these exercises and you will progress, I had the same or similar problem about 5 years ago.