Beginning Testosterone Therapy

Symptoms: very low libido, soft erections, reduced sensitivity that started yrs ago and has slowly progressed.

Went to Urologist and after an examination, he told me that I have big balls and that I really have no problem and I should just get a pump. That was an interesting conversation.

I recently took blood tests and estradiol came in at 38 and the range went upwards of 42. T came back at 257. TRT dr gave me Anastrozole .50mg once per week and 100mg test cypionate once per week.

I took T about 3 yrs ago at 100mg per eeek and after week 3 I had much stronger erections and the sensitivity was great. I found myself getting hard when thinking about my gf or looking at a sexy woman just as I used to.

I took Anastrozole last week before starting the T and two days later my erections were stronger. Is this to be expected?

Maybe, do you have the results for your FSH and LH levels? Free testosterone?

FSH is 2.0 (2-12)
LH 4.8 (2-9)
Free T 257 (260-1000)

My drive is next to nothing.

When you were on TRT three years ago, did you use anastrozole?

At that time, no.

You aromatase a lot, I mean I’m 31%BF and TT 500 and FT at top of range and estrogen is only 53. I would expect your E2 to be well 100> with FT at the top of the ranges. You are that guy, the outlier who will need anastrozole.

I will say you doctor could have instructed you to do daily dosing to minimize FT->E2 conversion rather than select the one protocol that WILL cause higher conversion rates, but anastrozole would most probably still be needed.

Thanks for the response. I had a similar response from someone at the gym recently.
When I was in my teens I did have “very slight” gynecomastia…i was working out in the gym maybe 3 days per week back then. I remember going to the dr and asking him to examine me and even asked if I needed some kind of hormone testing. He told me it was in my head and I had no issue. I went to another dr and he agreed with me and tested hormone levels. He said the estradiol was higher end of normal range and that he wasn’t sure why. At the time I wasn’t taking T. He said everyone’s chemistry is different and that was it. I wonder if I should have been given Anastrozole or one like it back then? And would that have made a difference in my future T, libido, etc issues? I dunno but I think about it. I guess it doesn’t really matter now. What’s done is