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Beginning Routine

I’ve recently gotten back to lifting after almost a year off. I’ve never been that serious about lifting, lifted in high school without any training and sporadically since then so I consider myself a beginner.

I read a lot of advice on here to do 5x5 with 85% of your one rep max. I tried to do that and found that I was hurting myself because the weight was too high. I’d tweak a muscle and have to take a couple days off or something like that. I’ve had much better luck doing 3x10 with 60-70% 1RM. I get a good workout and have much less chance of hurting myself.

I would suggest that anyone else getting into lifting focus on not getting hurt and use lower weights for the first couple months.

Just my experience, I’d like to hear from other people as well.

Did you warm up and dynamic stretch adequately beforehand?