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Beginning Powerlifter


Hey everybody I new to T NATION and I am very new to power lifting . I start lifting fours years ago,but I was just screwing around not taking it seriously. I only start seriously focusing on my training about 7 months ago( i am a senior in high school)I soon took an interest in power lifting because I want be strong and I me monstrously strong, but i don't were to start, some advice and guidance would be greatly appreciate.


Best place to start is looking up Westside Barbell's basic training template. Then instead of doing a 1 rep max, do a 3 or 5 rep max on your heavy days. You are still in the beginner mode, so a 1 rep max will not help you near as much as the extra time under tension. This is what I did starting out. Pay attention to technique--learn it, read about all of it (search Dave Tate and Louie Simmons articles, to start). Never underestimate the power of technique--you might think that something you are stuck on is a "weak muscle group" only to find after you have actually worked on the technique your poundages go up.

Bear in mind It's just like learning a sport like football or baseball or basketball--you need strong fundamentals...then on TOP of the fundamentals you need to bring your technical work to a new level in order to succeed, not just the muscles. The best qb, or hell even guard (lineman) isn't always the guy who is the strongest in the weight room, it's the guy with the best grasp of efficient footwork, throwing mechanics, etc. Same goes for learning the supposedly "simple" power lifts. If learning and working on technique is good enough for 800 lb squatters to improve, it's good enough for you too :).

here is the link to the 9 week long basic beginner's training program Dave Tate put up years ago. It's the same one I used, it's great, works great. As i said, use a 3 RM or 5 RM on your "Max Effort" days as the first lift instead of a 1 rep max.


Here's a basic, beginner level explanation of the template:


Bear in mind the only way to be successful long term--besides never giving up and not skipping workouts--is to read and educate yourself more and more on training. If you skimp on the self-education and reading, you'll hurt your long term gains because you will not have learned enough to adapt your training to your needs as you get stronger or older.


I was similar to you. In high school I just dicked around. Only recently began seriously training about 5 months ago. Relative beginner to beginner advice just focus on getting your big 4 lifts (press included up). Programs such as 5/3/1 or Starting Strength should help you with that.

I went from Starting Strength to Texas Method recently and have never felt stronger. Work on technique, eat big (but relatively healthy) and your lifts should soar up. If you wanna look at some ideas/programs read articles by Dan John, Jim Wendler, and Mark Rippletoe. All three's writings/teachings certainly helped me focus my training and get stronger.


thanks for your input


thank you your advice is greatly appreciate and i will defiantly take it to heart


eat a lot. don't eat garbage though. On training days when I don't get enough calories/carbs/proteins/fats I feel like hell. Make sure getting your nutrients is a daily thing


Can you get someone as a training partner or a trainer? Someone who can watch you and make sure you're doing everything OK. I got a trainer a few months ago and it made a huge difference, he's tweaking my form, making sure I get lots of assistance work, not getting injury, etc.

Alternative: post videos of your lifts so the folks here can check your form.


I second this. Don't want until you get hurt before you realize the importance of proper form.


Now Mike__Madden when you say to eat a lot do you mean to gain weight(bulking) or just to fill the calorie expenditure that will come from my training


Depends on what you want to do. If you're bulking then try to get 300-500 extra calories. Plus it's harder being a powerlifter and not eating alot. See the size of some of those guys? Either way make sure you get your proteins/carbs/fats every day and stay hydrated