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Beginning Oly Program


I began weightlifting ab 6 weeks ago and have spent basically the whole time working at light weights until I feel that I am mobile enough/my form is ok enough to begin working with moderate programs and begin progressing.

I’ve worked up a linear style program with weights increasing weekly. I have three “blocks” with the first consisting 3 weeks of triples in the main lifts and sets of 5 in accessory lifts (excluding the squat which will be working in the 5+ range until the last 4 weeks). The next block is three weeks of doubles in the main lifts and triples in accessory lifts, and the final block is three weeks of singles with doubles in accessory.
Monday’s and Wednesdays consist of snatch and overhead work, and Tuesday’s and Thursday’s consist of c&j’s and pulls. Friday’s are a technique day with the option to work up to a heavy single. Front squats MWF back squats the/Thur.


Good luck