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Beginning of a Bulk


Ok i have been training for about 5 years but not seriously till the past year. Been on this site for a while but just signed up. My diet right now consists of:

Meal 1: 1 cup Blue berries, 1 cup oats, 2 tbsp flax seed, scoop of protein.
Meal 2: Can of tuna, Brown rice, 2tbsp Peanut Butter, carrots.
Meal 3: (pre Workout) Orange, Scoop of protein.
Meal 4: (immediately after Workout) Scoop of protein 25 g, 1/2 cup oats
Meal 5: 8 oz Chicken Breast, Green Peas, walnuts.
Meal 6: Can of Tuna, lima beans, 2 tbsp olive oil, glass of milk

height: 5'10"
weight 175lbs

Current Max's
Dead Lift: 360
Bench Press: 255

Deadlifts: 5x7 85% max
Bench Press 5x7 85%
Pull Ups 5x8
Flies 5x7 85%
Wide Row 5x7 85%
Push Ups 5 sets to failure

Military Press 5x7 85%
a1 Lateral Raise
a2 Front raise
a3 Shoulder Press
Barbell Shrugs 5x7 85%
High Pulls 5 x7 85%
Neutral Grip DB Shrugs 5x7 85%

Squats 5x7 85%
Leg Curls 5x7 85%
Leg Extensions 5x7 85%
Calf Raise 5x7 85 %
Forearm Curls 5x10
Plank rows 3x10

Barbell Curls 5x7 85%
Reverse Curls 5x7 85%
Overhead Tricep 5x7 85%
Close Grip Bench 5x7 85%
DB Crunches












Height and weight?


Sorry just added it. 5'10" 175lbs


You legs need thickness, whats the circumference of them?


Is that your bulk diet?


My upper leg measures 23" and my thighs are 22". Calves are 14.5". Yea they need some work. Also that is the diet i have so far. I know i need to add more calories for bulk but i dont want to gain too much fat. So i will work on that.


Good stuff. Keep it up.


You just need a lot more mass before your body looks proportional to your waist.

Priorities should be

Back thickness (especially traps)
Back width


Thanks for the advice. Im doing deadlifts and wide grip pullups....is there other lifts i can do to broaden my back?


What's your waist measurement


waist is 32"


Is that a good size or do i need to get it down or up?


I'd incorporate heavy rowing making sure to emphasize the stretch at the bottom position and pull with your elbows (not your biceps) so you can really feel the contraction. That will help with the thickness. How wide a grip you use is up to you, as well as if you choose supinated or pronated grip (if you use a barbell). Dumbell rows are also good. Just make sure to minimize trunk rotation, which would have a negative impact on your waist size as well as negating much of the stress put on the target muscles.

About your waist size question. Don't focus on making it smaller but keep an eye on it so it doesn't balloon out of control. You are trying to gain mass. Losing inches on your waist while gaining mass is virtually impossible if you want to suceed at either.

A 32" inch waist is perfectly acceptable for someone your height. You should be able to gain 20 pounds of muscle without putting on more than 2 inches. Then if you decide to cut at some point in the distant future you should be able to regain your 32" waist.


Try your best to keep the waist as small as possible.

Im not sure why you would want a thicker waist.