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Beginning Gridiron?


A friend of mine asked If I'd help out their friends gridiron team, In australia gridiron isn't the most popular sport and I was wondering if anyone could point me to a website or give me some tips so I don't look like a total tool when playing.

The reason why I decided to say yes to this was because the game looks fun and growing up I never really played many team sports and thought I'd give this a crack.

Judging by the people I will be playing with I'd outweigh the majority of them by a good 25kg and I assume if I get the ball I just need to run it too the other end, and stop them from getting the ball to their end sort of like red rover(unsure if people have played this when growing up) apart from that my knowledge of the sport is as I said before limited.


You say that you would outweigh the majority of them by a good 25kg and you only weigh 200lbs. I play in the youth league (16-19) in the UK and I've come up against people that are like 6'6" and over 300lbs so i'd say your going to be coming up against some people alot bigger than your expecting.

Anyway if you take a look on NFL.com you will be able to learn the rules, although I found that the easiest way is to just play Madden 09 its not that hard to pick up though.


yeah thats a bit outdated now...Im up to about 225lbs at 6-6'2, it may just be the people on my team that are tiny then..