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Beginning Doggcrapp


I figure I'm up for the challenge

19 years old
162 lb
BF EHHH not 100% sure

Squat: Not sure of 1rm but usually do sets of 6 with 160
Deadlift: Workin with sets of 8 with 225
bench: 180

Will post diet if wanted. I have to leave for now though




you'll be a lot better off, happier, better results doing a volume based program or something like 5x5

DC only works well if you've been lifting for a good deal of time. Based on your numbers and weight, im assuming you haven't been lifting for 2-3 years. 2-3 years is generally the minimum for DC.

remeber, you get three sets. If you cant push it 100% each time then it becomes horribly unproductive, there is no moderate way to do DC, its either super productive, or completely unproductive.


/fail, How is it you been on this site for 1 year and make this thread in "Rate my Physique" Forum? Unreal and I know your an active forum member and don't see all the post saying that DoggCrapp training isn't for beginners? Do you do this out of attention? I mean you didn't even post Legs and Back. I mean you could have made your log thread in the Training Log Forum not in here... But whatever I hope people flame you for blatant attention whoring.


Go get em, tiger.



sweet boxers


Yo first post! Ugh. Man I seriously recommend getting your numbers up before beginning DC. If you somehow were able to muster up the mental toughness to do DC properly, I'd be willing to bet it would probably be too hard on your body (hawt abz) at this point. You'd have to cruise alot more often than would somehow already conditioned through years of training. If, however, you already have years of training under your belt, then judging by your pic you DON'T yet have the mental intensity to do DC in a productive way, like PeanutButter-Crawl said.

There you have it. 5x5. And besides, starting DC (rest pause/static hold sets) is definetely not a program to be cutting with. It is clearly evident through your lack of 1. back and legs and 2. mass, that your priorities are misguided.


dc contradicts itself though, it says you need 2-3 years lifting behind you but in the article that just come out they showed a 17 year old that had started it when he was 16 and he has really good results with it. I doubt they he had three years of lifting heaving behind him.






I had no idea what doggcrapp is/was (lol) but it appears to be a low volume high-intensity routine focused on strength gains using a triple-rest-paused set to failure. At your current level of development, you would be better served by a 5x5 or clone thereof since:

  1. you're a tad too weak for a high volume routine.
  2. you're kinda small to milk a high intensity low-volume routine properly.
    Why not focus on allowing yourself to gain weight up to 200-220 over the next year or so and milk the standard 5x5 (with direct arm work, and possibly rotating wide grip shoulder presses with your traditional grip to ensure proper delt development) Also if your heart is set on a lower volume routine focused on strength gains in a moderate rep range, check out Iron Addict's routines. They incorporate rest-paused sets to failure and everything else.


After today's seesion, I am DEFINITELY sticking with this intense program. One of my main problems in lifting has been half assing sets and subconsciously telling myself I'll hit it harder on the next set when really, I should be doing it on the current set. DC has a way of helping me Zone in on that one set and really giving it all I have. Today, I did Incline Smith PRess for Chest, and I have to say, I have never felt that amount of pain in my chest. The stretching is just fucking brutal! THe reason I'm doing this program is not because everyone is saying not too, but because I've developed an understanding of listening to my body, and I felt I was ready. I will be posting progress pics too.


If this is your development after a year on this site, no matter how hard you train or what program you are on it will obviously not make up for whatever you are doing outside of the gym.

You shouldn't be on a bodybuilding site for a year still not looking like you lift. How does that even happen?


If you had decent reading comprehension, you would have known that was a client Dr. John Berardi who he helped using a totally different approach then DoggCrapp. Most likely a routine from Scrawny to Brawny I believe.

He posted that just to show that there's more then one way to skin a cat in terms of gaining size for most people.

DC is for those who have exhausted most methods over the years and who feel their gains are coming real slow or have halted.


You weigh 160lbs. Do not do DC.


another good reason you shouldn't be doing DC yet. If you half assed and couldn't zone in before DC, there is no way you'll be doing DC in a any productive manner.

and how did you develop an understanding of listening to your body if you admitted you always half ass your lifts and never work out as hard as you can?

if your only motivation to do DC is because people tell you not to, well, have fun making little to no gains and wasting many hours. At least when people do DC who shouldn't be, a lot of them get fat. I applaud that because at least it shows they know how to eat well.

5 bucks this guy doesn't grow an inch becuase hes afraid to eat.

Thib has a program on here that suits you perfectly, its called Training for Newbies, start with part 1, good luck!


sick abz brah


haha thanks



OP you need to eat a lot more.

Do DC if you want. It won't kill you. But doing *DC without drastically increasing your calories will be pointless.

*insert name of any program


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