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Beginning Deadlifter


Stats: 5'11" 175lbs. I started powerlifting about a month ago with a friend and we both really got into it. I just wanted to share some info and see what I can do to get my numbers up. Right now my one rep max is at 455lb. That's with shins close to the bar, back straight, chest out, eyes up. It doesn't go up super fast but it goes up nice and steady. My grip is pretty decent due to years of jiu-jitsu. However, I could barely lift 500lb off the floor. Any suggestions on improving? Also, we do heavy deadlifts about once every three to four days. Warmup on treadmill for 5 minutes, stretch for five then hit 225lb for six reps, 315lb for four, 405lb for two then a max. Anything wrong with this? Too much, too little before the max? Need help, want to train for strongman coming up in a couple months and I want to be the strongest pound for pound. Serious suggestions would be VERY much welcome. ALOHA!


Umm...you could barely lift 500 off the floor because it's 10% higher than your one rep max. That's pretty normal. 3-4 days a week heavy deadlifting sounds like a huge amount of volume, but it all depends on you. My guess is that it's too much volume. Also you should probably be warming up more. 60% of your max as your second set is probably not the safest idea. I would add two or three more warmup sets, one for 135, one for 275, and maybe something in the middle.


He said once every three to four days, which means once or twice per week which is fine.

I usually do my first warm up set with around 60% of max, it is nothing especially as a beginner/intermediate lifter.

Once you start lifting massive weights eg deadlifting 750lb or something then maybe he would need to start a little lower than 60%


Thanks for the advice. I feel fine in between the days I'm not deadlifting even though we are doing power cleans and snatches. Not to mention that I try to take in at least 6 to 10 grams of omega 3's in the form of fish oil capsules. Post workout is a protein shake with a cold shower ASAP. I read how bad inflammation is and I figured a cold shower post workout would help prevent the delayed muscle soreness. But yup, the 500lb is not budging...mental perhaps? Thanks for the reply though!


500 not budging after one month of doing deadlifts? Its because you arent strong enough. It takes some people months and months of training just to get 405, so you should be VERY happy you are getting 455 one month into training. Deadlifting that heavy twice a week would kill me, and a lot of people, so keep an eye on it. If your workouts start sucking, you are deadlifting too frequently.

To work on getting a weight off the floor, do some SLDL off a platform. I stand on a 5" platform and do around 60% for 8 reps, it works pretty well for starting strength.


that defnitly is alot of deadlifting. i would say you are doing too much because you are going for a max(or pretty close to it) twice a week. most people would never be able to do this and make progress. i assume your making progress fine because you just started lifting not long ago. for now i assume everything is fine as long as your making progress and using good form. but once your progress starts to slow down i would lower the volume.

455 is a pretty sick deadlift for only be doing it for a month!


It's not a lot of volume for a leg workout, but for deadlifting it's too much.

Going heavy that often is un-necessary, you'll get more out of speed pulls every other week and deadlifting heavy the opposite week if you still want to.

Squat work will help your lifts too, so depending on your stance, sumo or conventional pick a squat that's like it and work some of that in instead of deadlifting twice a week.


check out the westside stuff


There was an article fairly recently where 2x weekly was recommended to build a big deadlift. He's probably going to be just fine. I'm sure that crew has researched EliteFTS, Westside, etc. Let's not be hasty in judgement until he posts again with more success, or injury.


I forgot to fill in some more info...the deadlifts were done with a regular stance (I find sumo's harder to do for some reason) opposing grips (left palm out, right palm in) plenty of chalk and NEVER EVER using wrist wraps. I was always told that if you couldn't get a weight up without holding it with your own strength then you have no business trying. Kind of like that bench presser who relies on the spotter in the beginning, throughout the lift and towards the end of his lift. Any suggestions along these lines (grip, stance etc)?


You seem to know a decent amount about lifting for only being in the game for a month. You're already using chalk? At your weight a 455lb deadlift after a month is very impressive.

What kind of sports do you play?


Go ahead to: Deadlift on a step (something solid..wood plank), Pin pulls (pulling from the rack at a certain height).

Ask your friend to analyze what is your weakness.

Is it your leg drive? Is your back rounded? Do you have the most problem at the lock-out?

Everything can be analyzed and corrected if you are ready to admit your weaknesses.

I know there was an article about weaknesses that mentionned what the exact problem was (tight hamstring, etc.).

Good luck on the 500.


You are deadlifting about 2 1/2 times your bodyweight after only one month of training?

Anyone else find that to be incredible?


Maybe he's a farmhand.


He said he did jiu-jitsu, so that could explain his grip. As as long as he isn't DieselWeasel-lifting it!


808FC, Which island are you on?


oh god dieselweisel is funnier than shit. that man has no form whatsoever.




I haven't been lifting for only a month. I've been lifting since I was 18 years old. I'm currently 24 and I've been POWERLIFTING for only a month now. Like many people I was victim to the "hey let's train chest on monday, back on tuesday..." Routine advertised so frequently in those M&F mags. I stumbled upon this site and I have to say that it's become my bible/encyclopedia for training. Thanks to everyone that's been dropping suggestions. It's hard to find people who do powerlifting/oly lifting excersices. Everyone seems to be lifting the way I used to lift. Thanks T-Nation!


Let me get this straight, you deadlifted 455 within a month? Most people can't even crack 225 off the ground on their first try, and certaintly not with good form. The only feasible way I see a 455 dead after a month is if it looks like diesel weasel form.