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Beginning and Lack Knowledge


This is the workout i have been doin for the last month i workout 6-7 times a week 2-3 hrs, please give me any ideas or suggestions that could help, i workout allot but lack knowlege. I only have 2 workouts and rotate them every day

Day 1:(Chest, Triceps Legs)
-bench press
-dumbell press
-Incline press
-dumbell flys
-cable flys
-close grip bench
-tricep dip-two benches
-overhead triceps extension-dumbell
-two arm able push down staright bar
-triceps push down- rope
-leg press
-leg raises

Day 2:(Biceps, Back, Shoulders)
-cable curl with staright bar
-bicep curls dumbel
-hammer curls dumbell
-incline bicep curl
-concentration curl
-standing two hand overhead cable curl
-seated rows
-lat-pull downs
-shoulder press dumbell
-arnold press-dumbell
-upright row
-front\side raise dumbell
-shoulder press barbell


Wait. Are you seriously performing between 15 and 20 different EXERCISES each workout??!!!

Take that list. Split it up each workout into 3, and there's your 6 workouts for the week. Don't need to spend anymore time than 45 min in the gym. How old are you? I'm guessing 15.


Jesus... Jesus Christ. I would suggest dropping 10 bucks on one of the following books and just doing a workout from there...

New Rules of Lifting for Abs (or any books from the New Rules series)
The Theory of Fat Loss
Built For Show
Maximum Strength


going to agree with edward.

While you wait for the book to be delivered, just split your workout into 2 parts--upper body, and lower body.

on lower body days do 3 leg exercises and abs. On upper body days do 2 back movements, 2 chest/tricep movements, and 2 shoulder movements. Add biceps on an off day. This schedule is far from perfect but it will make you prioritize the best and heaviest movements, and that is what you need. You should NEVER have more than 7 movements on any one weight training day unless you are splitting your workouts into 2 different sessions (like morning/evening). Or unless you are advanced (and you're not).


yeah im 17, thanks for the feedback ill go and see what books i can find, i divide up my workout


read this:


and pick a workout you would like to follow and follow it exactly.


i plan to break up my workouts into 3-4 seperate days with less exercises, what muscle groups should i group together


Read Jax's post above. Click on that link, pick a program that looks good to you, and follow it.


i took ur guys advice and re-worked my wokrout
it is now"
day 1: Chest and triceps
-bench press
-incline press from pins
-dumbell bench
-close grip bench
- staright bar pull downs on cable
-rope pull downs cable

day 2: Biceps back shoulders
-hammer curl
-regular curl
-lap pull downs
-rows v-handle
-shoulder press dumbell
-front\side raises
-shoulder press barbell from pins

day 3: chest triceps
-incline bench
-bench from pins
-incline dumbell press
-reverse grip pull down cable
-behind head double arm raise

day 4: biceps back shoulders
-standing overhead cable curl
-straight bar cable curl
-rope curl cable
-thrpugh the legs row with v handle
-barbell pull up
-shoulder press barbell
-straight bar cable pull ups

day 5 legs
-leg press
=leg press using claves
-calve raise on ledge


There is no way that you are performing multiple sets with high QUALITY for all of those exercises each day. Stick to many fewer exercises/bodyparts and concentrate on good sets.