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Beginning A New


I've been a member here since '08 when I use to work out with a friend at my local gym.
Several months after that I slipped a disk in my lower back from excess weight during a dead-lift. Also Damaged my left acl A little before. Once I recovered from those injuries I realised I had stacked on alot of weight (fat) from not doing any exercise had the motivation to get back into it start of 2010 when I had a monitor fall off a warehouse shelf on to my head damaging my C7. (which was fractured in 01 in a car accident).

Accident prone is what people call me but I get back up, however I had lost all motivation until a few weeks ago when I realised not doing anything was damaging myself more, so I've decided to make a new beginning.
Here are images of what I have to start with and hopefully I will update every few weeks and I will be able to see a change.

I know I have nothing compared to some of the people on here but its a start

I would love to know where im lacking (everywhere in my opinion). And realistically what I should be aiming for (i.e bigger legs, bigger shoulders)
I'm 5'7 184lb(83kgs) 28 years


Good luck, lift hard and track what you eat! And yes, you need more muscle everywhere and less fat.


Don't blame deadlifting for your injury. Poor form is most likely. Were you going for a max PR?

You should be aiming to lose fat and gain muscle all over. The good thing is that you can do both by working hard and making better food choices. Cutting back on simple carbs is the first thing I would do. This will take time, but it is within your capability.


Yeah I was trying to hit a max pr and i wasnt concentrating and let my lowerback round.
Started carb cutting at the beginning of this week.
Cheers Guys all feedback is appreciated