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Beginner's Workout Question


Hello everyone:

I recently started working out. I'm your basic small fry trying to put on some pounds and get stronger. I've been reading this site a lot and came up with a "regiment" that I've been doing for about 4 weeks now. I just want to make sure I'm doing the right moves for a begginner. It basically goes like this:

MONDAY (Chest/Tri's)

Flat DB Bench Press 3x8
Dips 3x8
Incline DB Bench Press 3x8
Close Grip Bench Press 3x8



Seated Cable Rows 3x8
Deadlifts 3x8
Chin Ups 3x8
*Sometimes a session of curls but I'm thinking they are not needed at this stage

THURSDAY (Shoulders)

Military Press 3x8
Front Raises 3x8
Side Raises 3x8
Shrugs 3x8 (from what I've read this belongs on back day, is this true?)


Squats 3x8
Calf Raises 3x8


I'm pretty sure I'm hitting all the main compound movements. I'm also taking my protein (probably not enough) and am trying to eat more, but I also take some weight gainer (yay or nay?) to put on some pounds. The supplement I take right now is a combo of protein/creatine/weight gainer, and I'm thinking I should probably just get these things as seperate entities. Thanks for all the help in advance!

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I'm also a beginner so I won't judge your workout - I would however recommend using one on this site instead.

I also wouldn't worry about supplements too much either - a weight gainer is fine if you really struggle to gain weight but really you should just be eating a lot and lifting heavy about 3 times a week.

Results come easily when you're a beginner if you follow the basics.


It's not ideal, but as a beginner, it's certainly sufficient to make progress for awhile, provided calories are there.

I'd urge you, however, to move away from thinking in terms of 'bodyparts' and instead to think in terms of 'movement planes.' (Vertical/Horizontal Push, V/H Pull, Quad-Dom Lower, Hip-Dom Lower...admittedly quads and hips are 'bodyparts' but nevermind that...)

You want to have balance among the movement planes, ideally with an equal amount of work being dedicated to each plane.

At this stage of the game, there's really no reason to design your own program when there are pre-packaged options that have been field-tested and yield good results over a large group of people. I would pick one of these. It takes a while to develop the knowledge, experience, and to hone your instincts with regard to the programming you need. For now, take a program written by a pro and follow it to a T.

As far as supplementation, even creatine, it's certainly not necessary at this point. I'm a believer in not using a tool until it's needed, and given the large potential you have as someone new to lifting, creatine isn't really going to do much to hasten your progress. But take it if you feel like, no big deal. As far as protein powder/weight gainer/meal replacements, etc...these are certainly useful insofar as they help you reach your basic nutritional goals. Consider them food, not 'supplements'.

Best of luck


Biggest problem I see is your only really targeting your legs with three movements. The biggest arguement against this type split is the lack of leg work but I think as long as you get enough in on your leg day with enough intensity its not a problem.I myself use a split very similiar to what your doing.I think it would be beneficial to toss in maybe some good mornings or even simple lying leg curls.

You can switch shrugs to the back day if you want but I've never found any problem doing them with my shoulder workout especially if I'm deadlifting on my back day. Your rep/set scheme looks good for a newbie. Your starting off slow which is something alot of newbies don't do( a mistake I myself made time and time again in my first year of training) Now all ya need to do is eat and grow.

BTW do yourself a favor and make sure your deadlifting first thing on your back day as it is byfar the most taxing movement lift you have on that day.


Thanks for the help everyone. I'll definitly check out some of the workouts on this site.


I wouldn't say the legs was lacking at all seen as you could just squat for your leg work out and still have tree trunk legs, without missing any of the muscles.


This is true. But he's planning on doing three sets of eight for squats. Severely deficient.

Not only that, but it would be a good idea to have some hip dominant/posterior chain exercises besides just doing squats which are typically a quad-dominant exercise.

I'd revamp the whole workout. Your best bet is to follow some of CW's or Dan John's programs.