Beginner's Training Diet - Help

I have recently started lifting with my boyfriend who previously competed in Olympic Weightlifting. We have started with a 4 day workout schedule as follows:
Monday - Strength
Tuesday - Time Under Tension
Wednesday - (active rest)/ ab routine
Thursday - Volume
Friday - Density

My main issue is figuring out my diet. I know I want to get as many grams of protein as I weigh, but do I need any more? Do I need less on rest days? What if I am not that hungry? Can I eat fruit as snacks or is it PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN? I have attached a copy of the plan we use. It was originally made for a male body builder so I have reduced the eggs, meat, and apples by half and cut out the potato from the dinner portion. Any feedback on this would be great! I just don’t know where to start.

Also, I have always been active and had a healthy diet. This is my first time lifting heavy weights and trying to gain more muscle. I am accustomed to eating salads with meat and not counting macros so this is tough for me. My boyfriend says STICK TO THE DIET and wants to be exact. What happens if I trade rice for a salad, broccoli, or have a banana with my shake? I miss eating grapes, apricots, and other fruits and veggies. Any feedback would be great.

I see this is your first post , so welcome to T-Nation. I wish you all the best and before anyone asks, a Wapiti is an elk:))

I am not a diet expert, but, I would recommend you also post this on the figure athlete sub-forum. Both Bron and Dani have competition experience and their articles are a great source of information for all phases of women’s training. I am sure one or the other will get back with you. Some other people to ask:

Chris Colucci: either on Bigger Stronger Leaner or the Beginners forums.

EyeDenist: BSL

PowerPuff and Knap : on the over 35 forum.

good luck with the training.