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Beginners Sqauts & Deadlifts...


Hey again, I'm really havin a hard time trying to find a proper form and technique to copy in these two movements. No one at my gym does them, its a gym full of cardio bunnys. Please can someone paste some links to animated demos of how to pull this off with perfect form. I am eager as to begin doin them, but its not exactly clear to me.

1 more, they moth seem like mostly leg exercises? True / False?...
Thanks in advance.


I don't have links to animated demos for you. But, you can check out the following article to find out how to deadlift Ian King style.





In addition to the page with all the video clips, which is a great resource by the way, I think if I'm not mistaken that Dave Tate says box squatting is a great way to learn how to properly squat. There's an article somewhere here on that particular exercise.


Deadlifts really arent mostly leg exercises.

Posterior chain up into your back is more like it, not most legs though.

Second that comment on the box squats, those really help for getting the feel of properly squatting.


Wow that link with the videos is awesome. Thanks! I think that will help me out alot as well.



Apprentice: If you think you're confused now, wait until you discover that there is more than one school of thought concerning Deadlifting + Squatting form - AND BOTH ARE CORRECT!


With regards to what Joey said, I'd just go with the form shown on the BSU site (since it's so accessible) and learn how to do the basic movements without hurting yourself before experimenting with different techniques.


What Mike said!


You are going to have so much fun with these.....Good Luck in nailing that form. If I can do it properly, anyone can!


Apprentice, you grip and back will usually give out before your legs do on deadlifts.