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Beginners, Prohormones: Acceptable Ever?

I want to put this out there to perhaps shed some light on when, if ever, a beginner could use prohormones.

Beginners and Prohormones/Steroids

We see posts all the time, and get asked questions all the time regarding beginners and prohormones or steroids. Usually, its basically a very uninformed beginner thinking that these substances will catapult them into hyoogeness.

The response is generally “You don’t know enough, you’re not ready, if you get your training and diet in order you’ll get incredible results” etc etc. And this is right on target.

I’ve also seen where it recommends that, in order to take full advantage of steroidal supplements, one needs a good foundation of muscular development to reap the benefits.

But what about the physiology of all this. Would using prohormones or steroids truly be “wasteful” for a beginner? Are their effects diminished because of the underdeveloped muscles of a beginner? Or are their effects just less dramatic in comparison with the typical newbie gains?

I feel like I’m rambling, and I probably am due to having to deadlift in a few minutes and being kinda pysched out, but what I’m wondering is…

…If training, diet, recovery, and dedication are all in order, and a beginner was being trained by someone fairly knowledgeable, would it be acceptable for them to use a prohormone, such as MAG-10, simply to accellerate the results?

Would it actually make the gains come even faster, given the rapidness of “Newbie Gains”?

Or would it still be complete overkill?

Well a few problems I see, besides the obvious ignorance due lack of enough time under the iron or at the table to find what works best for the trainee, there are these.

  1. Age most of the said Newbies are still in their teens or very early twenties. They are still growing, and their hormones are raging as is. They can take great benefit in what they are allready being given. That, and the posibility (even if slim) of screwing with their growth and other factors.

  2. Sure the anabolics will help and speed up the gains, most likely, but even the best trainer and nutritionist in the world is not going to be spot on with what will work best for any trainee at the start. Nothing but time and experience will tell this. Sure they can give great advice and guidance that will give great results, but in the end it will ALWAYS need to be tweeked to fit the individual.

  3. Danger of injury. Say said newbie is training making awesome leaps and bounds in strength and size naturally. Then they go ahead and speed that up even more with anabolics. So now they are adding strength and size at an alarming rate. What do you think this trainees under developed joints and tendons are going to think about this. Holy crimany SLOW DOWN. Fact is that even the natural Newbie gains can be too much of a stress on joints and tendons at times, they just dont develope as fast.

Well those are just a few of the things that popped into my head.

I still say put some time in. Gain it while you easily can and learn as much as you can. Build a solid foundation and then if need be turn to aids. No need in getting to big for your britches.

Also I would like to add this. I personally have done a few cycles of Prohomones myself, and will be the first to admit that I most likely started a bit early. This with my first cycle being at age 27. Sure, I had the time and self education to nail a very solid diet and training base but I KNOW for a fact that I could have added more size and strength naturally, and still do in times I an not doing a cycle. The cycles do though give me much quicker results.

So take what you want from that. I just say educate yourself as much as possible in order to get as much as you can out of your choices and do it SAFELY. It’s all about the long haul, not the weekend get away.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for the reply Phill.

I should have been a little clearer in my post, in that, this is not for me.

I ain’t no stinkin N00B…lol.

I just constantly have friends asking me if they can use some of these prohormones, namely MAG-10 and 1-AD, and these guys are basically total beginners.

I keep reiterating that if they get their training and diet in order, truly in order, they’ll make fantastic gains as it is.

However, I know one friend is about to do some anyhow because he got some for free I believe, so I just got to thinking: assuming he DOES get diet, dedication, training and consistency all in line, will this prohormone actually speed up his process given the relative lack of development he already has.

Also, lets assume cost wasn’t an issue, and the trainee simply wanted to become male model-esque, maybe add 20lbs of muscle.

He just wants to do it FAST.

Would a prohormone truly help in this regard (a good one anyways) or would there be some sort of maximal gains that he’ll get simply from training and eating upon which a prohormone at this stage won’t compound.

I really just need some more sound advice as to why experienced trainers use these things.

Because these guys could handle them, with my help, but hell I don’t want the damn things to go to waste. I’ve been tryin to make em give em to me…lol, to no avail.

Phill, in regards to injury, thats a very good point. ALSO about knowing what training works for them- very important.

Thanks for the reply brotha man, more comments welcome!

As Phil has pointed out, I just don’t see how one can appreciate nor maximize the effectiveness of androgens without knowing what training programs and what type of diet works the best for them, and when I say this, I mean after years of trial and error. Even when starting out with great programs outlined on this site, one still has to gather what exact combination over their life has resulted in the best gains while not using androgens. I’ve actually gone over this in a previous column but after a search, I believe the column it’s in is minced together with what looks like Reader Mail. Maybe the tech guys can get that taken care of.

I know it’s already been said well by the previous posts, but hey…

I’m guessing a total NOOB will just be wasting the money. With any basic program this person will plaster on gobs of muscle and strength anyway.

Instead, with half arsed workouts and bags of dorito’s (this is reality, not the NOOB with perfect workout and nutrition) the trainee will compensate with powerful prohormones.

Great, gains, but look out for what happens after the cycle. The body just isn’t going to keep the muscle in place if it isn’t being fed and worked properly anyway.

Throw it in the freezer and wait until after the NOOB has hit AND BROKEN a couple of plateaus before bringing out the big guns. This, might be an appropriate level of stripe earning.


Thanks for the input