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Beginner's Program?



I’ve been lifting weights for almost five years now but I’ve never really committed long enough to one particular routine. Whilst I have gotten a bit stronger (up from 40 kg on my 5RM for squats to 70 kg for example) I haven’t made the sort of strength increases a beginner is apparently supposed to with consistent training.

So with this in mind, should I be running a beginner’s program like Starting Strength? Or have I passed the period of time where that sort of program would be beneficial? I get a bit confused as to whether I’m a beginner by how long I’ve been training or by lack of progress.

Of course I’m sure it’s quite possible I’m reading far too much into this beginners/intermediates classification for workout programs and it makes no difference and I should just pick one I like the look of and go with it.

I don’t know if it makes any difference but I’m 32 years old, 165 cm tall, 29 inch waist, 10 stone five lbs, male.


Do Starting Strength. For you training age and height squatting 70 kgs is baby play. You’re still considered a beginner. Not being an asshole , just stating facts.


“You can take the average guy who for 10 years has fucked around in front of the dumbbell rack and walked on the treadmill watching TV. You can take that guy and get him to adapt and grow,” says Rip. “First thing you do is get him to squat. And two days later, you can get him squatting again, but five or ten pounds heavier. Whether he’s 25 or 35 or 55, if that adaptation hasn’t occurred, it still can occur,” says Rip. “Most people out there, despite what they think, are still beginners.” - Mark Rippetoe.

If you want to do Starting Strength, do it. You can see progress with it.

:allthethings: Measure with all the units! :allthethings:


I know you’re not, straight talking is best, thank you.


I’m as inconsistent with my units as I have been with my training. Thanks for the Mark Rippetoe quote, very reassuring to read.


Starting Strength, Greyskull LP, any 5/3/1 template for beginners (5s Pro with FSL 5x5 often seems best). Take your pick. Consistency is the magic ingredient.


Pick a program and be consistent with your training and technique and patient with it.
Also, put in 150% effort.
Progress will should come easily if all these are dialled in


531 sucks for beginners. Not enough frequency and a beginner can progre much faster than 5-10 lbs a month.


Not if you pick the right variation, and it teaches good habits. Something like 5s Pro with FSL has decent volume, and there are various beginner specific templates Jim has put out that work well.


A beginner progresses faster than 5-10lbs a month on 5/3/1. You may be thinking of a different program.


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