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Beginner's Lifting Program

I was excited when a very, very skinny friend (6’0" 134 lbs) of mine said that he’d like to start coming to the gym with me, with me as his quasi personal trainer. He has lifted before, but as I said, he’s very thin and very weak. Any suggestions on what workout plan (3 days a week) I should start him on?


Thib’s new Mechanical Dropset program.

Just kidding.

Starting Strength for sure.

monday deadlift
wednesday bench
friday squat

[quote]Marvs85 wrote:
a very, very skinny friend (6’0" 134 lbs)[/quote]

Sweet mother of pearl. Get that boy some Royale with cheese(s). No joke. His top priority is going to be bumping up that bodyweight. How the hell did he get so skinny?

For training three days a week, Starting Strength is a solid start, like Dissonance said.

Total Body Training would be another good choice.

Whatever you go with, remember not to overwhelm him with too much, too soon. And, because it needs repeating, he’s got to eat like it’s his new part-time job. Without an abundance of calories, nothing will happen.

Suggest that he start an “hour of power” immediately.

Just to clarify, is that just because you’ve been lifting longer than him, or are you a trainer?

Westside for skinny bastards!!! I would definitely start off slow though, he doesn’t need to start off with a 5-6 day split.

The last thing a beginner needs to be doing is his heaviest 3-5 rep maxes on squats, deadlifts, or any other exercise that requires time and practice to establish safe technique…

In my opinion you can’t beat the classic 3 sets of 10 reps, with a 3 or 4 day split when getting someone into bodybuilding for the first time.

I am not a trainer; I’ve just been lifting and reading T-Nation for a few years. That’s why I posted here.